Offering Bazaar or past Battle Pass items as (purchasable) DLCs

Hello Funcom.

I play Conan Exiles on PC (Steam). I purchased the DLCs. I have also purchased some Bazaar (Aesir and Pyramid building sets) and the last two Battle Passes. I play single player. I have noticed when my internet becomes temperamental and I occasionally play Conan Exiles offline, I do not have access to the items I purchased through the Bazaar/ Battle Pass (despite paying for them) though I do have access to all the items I purchased through the DLCs.

How about offering past Bazaar/Batte Pass items as purchasable DLCs so I can access them irrespective of my temperamental internet connection.

Thank You.


It would have been terrible. It’s not how battle pass works, in any game. Once you missed it you missed it.
But as for Battle Pass/Bazaar this is ridiculous that I can’t use my shit when offline. It’s a stupid change. And my internet is sound, Funcoms “online services” are not.
And I would like to continue to use my items once they go out of business :wink:

It’s like recent Ubishit move - you don’t own your games…

If that is the case I am going to be very “reluctant” to purchase anything through the Bazaar/Battle Pass in the future. I am happy to purchase add-ons/items/DLCs for Conan Exiles if it catches my eye (and contribute to Funcom’s profits) but as an old grumpy gamer I grew up in a time when if you buy something, you own it. Such a shame.

Yeah back in the day you got your hard copy of game in a box, now it seems you are only paying for a license to use their software :wink:

Taxes are the rent we pay our kings to be allowed to breath free for another year.

We don’t own much of anything anymore. From vehicles to vidya games, we are only “purchasing” a license to temporarily use them. One that can be terminated without cause by the leasing authority at any time.

While this one personally very much would prefer a more stable and solid way to note what premium in game assets this one has purchased the privilege of using, in reality, that’s an archaic system. When we first allowed the system of software licensing and did not demand legislation to prevent that particular bit of legerdemain, we invited everything that has come after. Now we are reaping it.

Tragically ironic that media based on a character who so despised legal chicanery and the honourless habits of those who hide behind walls is moving in lockstep with those trends, but it is an era of style over substance.


Nice sanskrit word. :wink:
Freudian slip, @LostBrythunian ?

Not at all.
Until approximately 73 seconds before typing this reply this one was ignorant of the word’s Sanskrit meaning.

Significantly more prosaic, it is the term used for video games, circa early 2000s, in a particular dark and festering corner of the interwebs. Where this one’s earliest online experiences shaped them into the bitter and snarky $#!/ poster they are today.

That having been said, gratitude for shining the light of inquiry in that direction. Now to go rummaging for more information.

Edit: Altho the more this one digs, the more this one desires a refund for all classes involving post Ashokan Indian Culture. While the concept was presented, denaturing the word was a disservice…


OK Funcom listen up. I am giving you lot ideas here to make more money.

Take the items from past Battle Passes and bazaar and repackage them (and then sell them obviously) as DLCs.

  1. Conan Exiles - Heirs of the North Pack (Vanir/Aesir weapons, amours, animal companions, Aesir building set, furniture etc).

  2. Conan Exiles - Stygian Empire Pack (Stygian armour, weapons, items; Relic armour, weapons, items, tools, furniture, Pyramid building set etc).

  3. Conan Exiles - Sorcery Pack (Arcane armaments, armour/clothing, furniture, alchemical equipment etc).

  4. Conan Exiles - Whatever else that doesn’t fit in any of the above categories Pack (self explanatory).

As DLCs you have another potential revenue stream.


P.S. I was taught the Queen’s (now King’s) English at school, so I spell amour not armor.


Correction, for item 2 I meant Relic Hunter, not Relic.

I like the idea. But it also means that I would not buy from the bazaar anymore, and would wait for the DLC packs instead. On a side note, if they do it, the prices of the DLC packs would be insanely high (compared to the old DLC packs), which might dissuade the players from buying them at all. Afterall, spending 100€ at once for roughly 10 items (some which you might not like that much but are still part of the pack), and spending 100€ throughout a year or two to get 10 items you carefully selected, does not feel the same.

Can we imagine a permanent shop for individual items, on a hosting platform like Steam?

An other idea I would like to be implemented on Steam: “X item Packs”.
Instead of buying a themed pack, you would buy a pack composed of X slots you can fill with individual items of the shop to make your own personalized pack.

Example: Steam sells a “10 item pack”, a “20 item pack”, a “50 item pack”, for set prices which will not move, regardless of the individual value of the items you select from the shop. So two clients buying the “10 item pack” will pay the same amount of money, even if the items they chose to select within the shop to fill their 10 item pack are not the same.

Because you are not buying the items. You merely purchase the license to use them as long as the service is available.

So you can’t call it “my shit” because it does not belong to you.

I like this idea of a Steam shop for Conan Exiles where you can purchase items either individually or in packs of 10, 20, or 50. If one has to pay a little bit more so they are able to use the items in offline mode (like the old DLCs), I personally will not have a problem with that, especially if I could pick or choose what items caught my interest.

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No, if they re-release old BP content its the last one I’ve bought.

Its exclusive content for those who pledged their loyalty by playing an paying the game development.

Thank god not everything can be solved throwing money at it, hope it stays that way.

They already sold stuff from previous battle passes don’t you know.

They would be stupid to not take the money. The game is a broken mess. They need every single penny they can get.
Besides that some players take breaks or joined the game just recently. FC shouldn’t have “exclusive content”.
It will only push even more people away if they see nice stuff they can’t get themselves.

FC even admitted that the game is dying (probably without realizing it).
It would be stupid to make content exclusive in a dying game.

Be happy that you got that stuff for 10 bucks via BP.
In the bazaar it’s much more expensive.

Because you are not buying the items. You merely purchase the license to use them as long as the service is available.

So you can’t call it “my shit” because it does not belong to you.

Yes I know, a pity, because their prices are the same as buying the 3D model/mesh on some 3D market.

They are just asking for this game to become pirated by acting like that.

They sold what from previous Battle Pass?

They made a promise to keep these things exclusive I don’t really care if someone likes it or not, but promises should not be broken because of money.

I hate nonsense like this, where did they mention this?
If its dying its not because they didn’t make enough money it because Age of War was so bad.

You have no idea how much it triggers me if someone says a game is dying, a game never dies… it can only get less players. By saying a game is dying you just advertise other people to not buy/play the game anymore.

If enough people moan about it… the more it becomes reality.

The Steamcharts also shows a consistent playerbase over the periods of updates, incase you didn’t know:

Read what the privacy policy says

“… that will in turn help us to bring more players to conan exiles and create a thriving community.”

I‘m aware of the steam charts, conan sits at 160 or something. And the player count went downhill.
Enshrouded sits at 20 and that’s an early access game. Nevemind the other survival games which do much better.
Monster hunter world (isn’t a survival game) is as old as CE and even got back in the top 20.
So how is conan in a “good state”?

And you have no idea how much it triggers me when people try to label this slow and painful death of CE as a success.

Ask @Croms_Faithful how often he asked for a fix for the thrall pot and pet feeder box. And it still didn’t get fixed in over a year.
Or @Kikigirl for how long many of the almost infinite list of bugs and glitches are in the game.

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Yup. No one I talk to in my group, extended acquaintances or in any other Conan spaces believe this is a thriving game. Most feel it’s at its end… slowly but surely dying.

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Yeah it’s just a shame. But i have a lot of respect for you and the others for still trying.
A very good example that FC is not worthy of their player base.

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