Living cyber armor quest

hey can you guys look into this

for me atleast ive done the gloves quest 3 times and its not completing
… get the ring go to sarah and nothing happens
after leaving the desert in the first part of it , find the person they want , mission updates then drops off and disappears from mission list all together , take ring over to sarah she doesnt except it

repeat rinse

other 2 pieces worked fine boots and chest piece . im doing the gloves last so there is no other missions up at the time just the one


You should be able to open chat with Sarah, and instead of going through the dialog options, just give her the item by clicking on the trade button. She should give you the gloves then.


she doesnt except the ring

Next toon do all except boots and chest in subway. Then do the quests for the rest. Make sure to get a worn cyber armor boots from subway armor shop for the boots upgrade. Sorry beeing a little off topic, but just in case it’s helpful uknow. :slight_smile:

This is a known bug, it’s mentioned on ao universe.