Statuesque armor gloves?

I have done 10 or so instances. I have asked a lot of other players that have ran more than myself if they have seen any gloves drop. Nobody I have asked has seen any gloves drop. I have farmed 3 sets on alts without any gloves.

I am assuming the gloves in the db aren’t in the loot table.

My apologies if I am mistaken.

Thanks and have a great day!

Can you please tell us the full name of the item in question, or provide a link to them on AOItems or Auno? We can certainly look into this.

The gloves aren’t in those databases yet, but the id for them is 303636 and the full name is “Statuesque Gloves”.

Thanks for confirming - I’ve forwarded this item to the development team so they can double-check things. It looks like the gloves specifically may be much rarer than intended at the moment.


The free week is ending today and still no sign of statuesque gloves. I was really hoping to get that outfit on my expanded but currently unpaid alts. Is there a chance of extending the free week after the gloves are fixed? Or could a GM just spawn us gloves if we petition from an unpaid non-froob account?

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This thread more than answers my whole problem in dropping Statuesque gloves from the instance, I managed the other armour sets (had some problems with the elite nomad gloves dropping) and thought that I was just being King Unlucky of Unluckyland when I didn’t manage to drop the Statuesque Gloves. Now I see that it’s been that way for everyone.

Did instance on 2 froob accs & 2 paid ones that were playable every day ( 4 chars / day ), no Statuesque gloves dropped … and looks like the free week ended now :frowning:

So are you going to fix before the Anniversary activities end?


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Apparently the patch has fixed it but there’s no-one around anymore to farm the pieces for the tinker and none of the free week returners around to kill the rider. Am sat there myself at the moment and there’s about 10 people here.

Thanks all for your patience while we worked to address this - as of the most recent game update, Statuesque Armor Gloves are dropping normally:


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