Mantis Armor tradeskill materials havent dropped properly since 18.0

Title. They used to drop from mantises in the smugglers den. ever since the update which introduced daily missions to that area, the drop rate for metallic mantis armor materials has been 0%. please fix this since metallic mantis is one of the coolest and most useful craftable armors in game. Also a lot of players have paid large sums for the Shape Soft Armor PPE only to discover that one of its main uses is disabled due to a long standing bug that has been ignored.

Here are the items in question: - head - head - abdomen - abdomen - femur - femur - tarsus - tarsus - tibia - tibia - wing - wing

and they used to drop ql 70-150 according to ao-universe and comments on

EDIT: and the profession specific items that used to drop there as well. Those don’t drop either. The drop table is just completely trashed.

EDIT AGAIN: this item also seems to be missing (correct me if I am wrong) - mantis predator blade - breakpoints are 1-99 splintered, 100-119 normal, and 120 is metallic.


I beg you please fix this. The only other agi/strength craftable armor is robot junkmetal and that stuff is cardboard tier protection with a minor health boost, lesser than omnified carbonum. I’m actually amazed that this bug has lasted so long considering the impact it has had on the in game armor diversity. you used to actually see people using this stuff, like how you see people using crawler and prowler armor from time to time.

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I’d love to insert a giant placard here in support of this. One of AO’s best features has always been a giant diversity of items; something classic and as unique in appearance as this being basically locked away is taking away from that. Furthermore, people do ask ingame (and if memory serves, on the Discord server as well) about if anyone’s had parts drop, so it’s not as if we don’t care about the materials not dropping. It’s not a good look for that official poll a few months ago about if we would play on a classic vanilla server if one were to materialize, unless that was errant curiosity.

Super duper mega bump.

I made a thread about this a few weeks ago. Neither mantis parts nor profession nodrop items drop anymore. A chat with fellow players and online search shows this has been the case for years!

Not only does it remove one of the best armor in the game, it also makes crafting armor close to pointless. Crafting hard armor is already pointless since Carb is in the stores. Crafting soft armor is now only useful for the dragon armor that drops from tarasque and that is super super rare (no, bronto does not count! super rare parts and it is inferior to carb).

Jack the Legchopper bits don’t drop?

We’re talking about Mantis drops.

Thanks for the clarification.


In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, here is the trader one. Does not drop anymore.

They are not particularly good, especially by today’s standard, but goes to show the drop table is fubar.

The joke is that I vaguely know, but not well enough to have connected the dots (long week) – and I totally missed that hungry had added a list to their post too. Mea derpa.

Agreed, goes to show exactly that.


Mostly though, why I asked was because my first thought was “wait… don’t tell me Jack’s messed up too?”

that item is actually amazing and i want it bad at a 500 comp lit requirement :stuck_out_tongue: would be excellent for a tl2 trader

Good luck getting a tl2 trader in the den :grinning:

gets the popcorn

not sure what you mean :slight_smile: I took my tl2 trader in there for the notum focus, it was pretty easy. unless there is a level requirement I’m not aware of?

No there isn’t :slight_smile: I’d just thought i’d be difficult pre tl3 but if you did it well done.

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