Today's downtime

Attention! Servers are coming down in 60 minutes for an update.
Downtime is scheduled to last for 2 hours. Thank you.

What’s in today’s patch? :slight_smile:

Inquisitive minds want to know…

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Hopefully a balance patch. But let’s not get our hopes up. :sweat_smile:

Great time to do it, just as everyone EU side gets off work.

Games back up.

Edit : Patched too quickly to read what was actually patched.

No patch notes posted yet, anybody found out what was patched?

They have removed the requirement “Computer Literacy from 500” from these three items:


We have a forums category called ‘Patch notes’ for such info. Why not use it? Is everyone (that is still left) on vacation? Nobody could write that 1 line that Assx just did? People care about what is being done to their game.



But since we’re here on this thread, someone on Discord said this yesterday:

[7:47 PM] Dagger : mantis items drop again
[7:50 PM] Dagger : idk what they fixed exploit-wise
[7:50 PM] Dagger : I was just saying they fixed mantis den
[7:50 PM] Dagger : cause I can confirm that


Great news, thanks for sharing that Redtricks :blush:

I went to have a look myself to get an idea of the droprate. I made a post on it here:

Another change in this patch that I’ve found is that prices on Composite nano’s in neutral shops have been lowered by a factor of 10. They’re about 10k now compared to 100k before.


Strange these changes weren’t mention in the patch notes :(:slightly_frowning_face:

I was just thinking the other day it’s like they’re afraid of how people might react to good things. :stuck_out_tongue:

("Yeah kk maybe lil bit cool meh



Our prayers have been answered! the gods are listening!

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Praise the heavens, someone is listening! :slight_smile:

Logged on my 220 fix and confirmed the comp nano price drop from 100k-ish to 5k-ish for neuts. Then logged an Arete toon hoping to see that Remi (comp weap nanos mission) wasn’t treating Froobs like pond-scum anymore…no joy. I think that was a bad decision-- likely not the intent but a fumble. You want people to get, erm, hooked early and not have them rage quit when they hit the nano shop and see 100k and they have maybe 20k in their pockets.

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