Suggestion: Hotfix vs maintenance

Hello, its been three hours so hopefully soon…

but I think that if you labeled this emergency downtime as an emergency hotfix vs maintenance it would have sounded better. Maintenance to me implies its a planned event

Thank you


Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for updating us on the remaining down time?

We’re coming up on 3 hours, yes. I haven’t gotten a confirmation on if we’re ready to open or if we need to extend the downtime yet, but I’ll keep you posted ASAP. Thanks.

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Hi all, unfortunately we’ll need to extend the downtime by at least 1 more hour. Still working on a couple things. Sorry again for the trouble; will keep you all updated.

Any negative side effects on our side to be expected like progression loss?

You should not experience any changes to your character unless you were one of the folks that were affected by the issue that forced us to suddenly take the servers down in the first place.

Edit: And even then, you’d just be set right back to or close to where you were before things hit the fan.

Let’s chat in direct messages about that?

i would be intrested too.

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any update on how much longer servers will be down?

Yes! We’re currently looking at at least another couple (2) hours of work. We’re currently doing a bunch of database cleanup to fix characters that were affected by today’s craziness. SO sorry for the inconvenience; we know this sucks and we’re doing all we can to get things going again ASAP.

Hard to believe a gaming company can be so idiotic. This whole event is now officially a disaster.


Thank you for your valuable and constructive commentary and insight :wink:


My friend, always have low expectations and never be disapointed, a standard in gaming nowadays. ^^

I do and that’s the problem lol

We’re back!! Fingers crossed. Please let us know if any other nonsense appears.

But please DM us, let’s not talk about exploits in public please!

how about compensation for spoiled evening?

saga quest completed, achievement points says that i have reached lvl 80, people have in the their inventories the pvp t1 sets and the new vanity set.

i think you need to take more time looking at the problem.

Looking into it, thanks.