Downtime compensation

With the servers being down, unexpectedly and for a prolonged time, how about an Argyle Cloak of Steadfast Waiting. I’m thinking that there should be a pretty good model for the pattern in your office.



How about some free inventory upgrades. Something useful. That would make me happy personally. This inventory limitation on saga really … for lack of a better word… sucks

Or give out gear sets for free for these pvp events.

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This looks fine @AndyB adnypls

disclaimer: photoshopped





Downtime compensation request : RP EVENT with GMs hosting the story line

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4h xp/aa/pvp boost anyone? :blush: :beer:

If anything is reasonable this would be it. However, I dont feel like i need any conpensation… They fixed something bad with our game, much better than not giving a sh*t…

What they fixed?

We dont know, but it seemd urgent.

We do know, but unfortunately we can’t speak about it openly. :roll_eyes:

From this thread:

I want a useless cloak that behaves strangely when i move.

Server is still offline?

Yes, they’ve been down for about 30 minutes. We should be back up soon.

Thx. Yesterday about same time I tried to login. It was offline too.

that was because of a critical error

servers online

FYI: I think anyone who used the AAs on their characters were reset with zero AAs and lost the 17 you get if subbed as you level up.

I still have my 17 but hear from others they lost them

Sounds like a fitting punishment for being an idiot.

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It would be nice to get some four hour potions for the downtime yesterday though