Server perma offline?

After about 7 hours the server still offline wtf?Autentical issue?
And I read the update note.Its literatly just make useless hives anima shards and make warlock outfit for some other factiones,did this technicaly so dificult that can totaly break the game after so much hours?lol.

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Not still. Again.

lol…what happened?I just back home and try to sent my agents on work before I go sleep then I found ffs server offline due to dont know what issue…
Just how?Its not a big update anyway,how is this mess up

It’s an issue at the hosting facility, apparently. Servers went back up before schedule and everything was fine for a little while, then they crapped out and were restarted. Fast forward a couple of hours and now they’ve crapped out again.

Its crazy sounds.Its just a negligible small update which turn hives anima shards…It really suprised me meh .

Hmm … can’t remember if we had the same problem last year when they did the same patch.

It probably is the same patch lol

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Yeah, that was my thought :wink:

Pretty sure this is just the norm. Granted I haven’t launched since before anima allocation but my experience from the old game and this game is that more often than not they push a patch and then have to back pedal because it brakes something


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Is it normal for it to be down this long?

welcome to the house of fun … !

Generally speaking, no.

Server malarkey has been resolved, closing thread.