Why is the server Chrom down?

simple question, Is the server Chrom down, and why? didn’t follow it why but yesterday i played it without problems.
if anyone can answer, it would be great

I’m sorry for any alarm! The servers are currently offline for a scheduled update, as announced here:


Thanks, i thought i messed up something myself :slight_smile:

just before the shutdown, we got a message that said it would happen in 1h !

I sincerely apologize for any miscommunication that occurred in-game. I believe there may have been a misunderstanding on when in-game notices were intended to start, although servers still came down at the previously announced time. We’re only human, so mistakes like this can sometimes happen.

The servers are online again, now. Relevant update notes can be found here: Update 5.2.1: Patch Notes

according to the patcher and forums, it happened at the right time :wink:

still down?

the patcher just started downloading something here.

mine too! :smiley: finally

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