So, my server went down about an hour ago 😳

I guess Funcom already knows when a server goes down, and there is no point on reporting it.
Is there an estimated time for official servers to come back to life?
I noted that it was taken NPC about 15 minutes to respawn instead of the usual 10 before server died.

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It is back now, about 1:30 hours down.

Good hunting!

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If the server crashed, then its possible they won’t know until alerted by someone. Usually servers come back up on their own, but not always.


Thank you, will let them know next time then :+1:t3:.

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For the record, if the server goes down and doesn’t come back in 5 or 10 minutes, it’s worth reporting it through Zendesk. Make sure you select “Official Server Performance” as the request type.


after a month of funcom needing to pull money out of us everything is back to normal , almost hourly server outages , today on 1051 the second in a few hours

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