Server Cluster Downtime - Fix it

Dear Funcom,

Every day just before PvP time, the PvE-C servers # 1516/1941/1942 go down. Usually it’s for 2 hours, but today we’re sitting at almost 6 hours. Taking the nightly restarts into consideration, the server will be down for 8-9 hours.

Myself and many others submit tickets daily when the servers go down, and have begun to migrate to other servers, abandoning months/years of hard work and friends people have made.

The issue is 100% on your end, so please do not tell me to submit a Zendesk ticket, as that is what we have been doing for over a month and a half. Your “automatic” reply emails say you will inform the server admins, and yet nothing has changed.

Fix the servers, thanks you.

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It’s a nice attempt, but I’ve been playing since day one. Funcom isn’t going to care - your post is going to get locked and silenced.

For such an amazing game, the constant bugs, exploits, crashes, and mixed signals in regards to moderation have prevented it from ever living up to its full potential. I don’t see that changing anytime soon, especially with the direction of rapid-fire content drops to push Battlepass money being the primary focus.

We’ll see, but I’d bet anything your post is either going to be ignored, or get a generic replied and locked.

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I thought it was a compromise to play on ping that fluctuates from 200-9999 every single day during peak hours. Somehow the server issues get worse every update despite having a much more solid revenue stream and extreme price gouging. I don’t know how Funcom still exists. I miss the days when they cared about our experience.


After 8 hours and 15 minutes, the server finally came back up. An insane amount of downtime.

Funcom does not own or maintain the servers. That is Gportal. Make an account file a ticket with them.

Is this really the recommended way to communicate Server Performance issues?

Sure, G-Portal may be the Service Provider, but Funcom is their Client, not us.
If there are issues with the Service, I would think its the responsibility of the one paying for the Service, in this case Funcom, to resolve any issues with Service Provider.

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No, it is not and you should continue sending tickets via ZenDesk to Funcom and complaining on the forums until a solution is found. You are not a customer of G-Portal, Funcom are and they should be the ones sending tickets to them. You will be completely ignored by G-Portal on their platform because again you aren’t renting a server from them.

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See this is where I question this common assumption. Here is the email I got awhile back in response to asking Gportal to handle this. So contacting Gportal is no longer an option and it, as I said, falls solely on Funcom to fix the situation. Whether it’s DDOS attacks on a server and shutting the entire cluster down, or something else, they should work to stop it from happening daily.

Hello there!

If you could report this to Funcom! They manage the official servers! You can report the downed hardware in the link below!
Funcom Help - Funcom

Kind regards,

3416 Hillcrest Dr
Waco, TX 76708

CEO: Sascha Wintz

Wait till funcum sends you an email saying server stability is a Gportal thing, contact them.
And that is why nothing ever gets fixed.

Xeyvr has a theory that G-Portal roped Funcom, when they were poor and desperate prior to the success of Conan Exiles, into an unfavorable contract that they can’t escape. If this has any merit, then Funcom can’t really do much to make the servers any better and if they go to G-Portal with their issues, they’ll get a response like:

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