Server still down

So any updates on why servers have been down for just short of 4 hours?
Or is this post going to get moderated into oblivion too?
I know you are fixing/ rolling back something, but an update on SORRY OUR 3 HOUR DOWNTIME WAS WAAAAY OFF.
Please amuse yourselves by playing a competitors games
GL and maybe if we havent completely narked off our playerbase by now, maybe you will be kind enough to log back in tomorrow after the server restart/ update so we can do ANOTHER HOTFIX prime euro time for another 2 hours, culminating in servers being down approximately 12+ hours in a 24 hour period.
Thanks again for playing!!!

Hi there,

Unfortunately we did have to extend the downtime by an hour, which I’ve posted about now. Thanks for your patience; sorry for the trouble.

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