1516 Down Again @ 8:41pm EST

I’m not expecting this to be fixed at all. I guess we will wait until the reset at 6am per usual. I don’t know how long Funcom expects people to hang around for this garbage.


Funcom ill send you my bill for the server im about to open cause you fail com the best!

Apparently there is a tradition in their country to take several weeks to the whole month off in July… There might not even be any Devs in the office right now because Norway is on holiday… (Seriously Devs, ALWAYS expect bugs with an update and don’t update when you won’t be around to fix things if they go wrong. That’s just not good business.)

Oh and Hi DarthCraker, Guess that means our server is down for the night?

@ 954PM Eastern still unable to connect

I remember the july vacation thing from 30 years ago. The whole country shuts down. Everyone in Norway stocks up on food, and other supplies and either goes camping in the mountains or fishing in the fjords. Good practice to live like their viking ancestors in the event that modern public services collapse for some reason (war with Russia?)

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