ETA on Servers going back up?

This went from being fixed in a few hours to its ok they backed everything up and just working on a few more things to another full day lost to servers still being down. I’m not blaming Funcom but they need to get some more info and pass it along soon.

The notice remains the same. They have restored some of the servers already but some remain down, they do not give ETA, just keep saying they are doing their best to restore all services.

Best to monitor Gportal news/twitter and other mediums for news. Reminder that Funcom is based in Norway. It’s 10:30 PM in Norway at the time of this writing.

they should post this kind of information on their official forums
I don’t use twitter nor do I plan to this is unacceptable
guess it may be time to shop a new game


I’m afraid you misunderstand.

Please refer to the thread linked by Narelle for updates and discussion (direct link). Funcom and community members are keeping each other updated in a central thread there.

However, as Multigun pointed out, Funcom themselves may not be reposting these updates for the coming hours, because

See also the Edit in a previous comment by Ignasis:

Servers are up!