Please fix Smuggler's Den

Hi, returning player and loving so far. Game is pretty active, community is as friendly as ever :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed however that Mantis parts from SD have stopped dropping, and a lot if people report the same and that other drops like deCranum II are gone. This makes me a bit sad since Mantis is my fav armor, really good stats, drop dead sexy!

Dunno how much work is being done on AO, but if this could be fixed that would be amazing :slight_smile:

Thank you


DeCranum still drops (from smugglers). Metallic Mantis doesn’t seem to drop anymore though unfortunately. It’s a shame since it got boosted to buff all damage types instead of just melee and projectile, so it’s more useful but harder to get. Having this drop again would be nice :blush:

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