What are these items?


I was looking at patch notes and noticed New items, * Statuesque Gloves and

  • Rusted Carbonum armor .
    Can’t find any info on these items.
    Anyone have info/screens and where to get them would be much appreciated.


They are exclusive to the Anniversary event however the rusted carb is not nodrop so it can be bought.


https://forums.funcom.com/u/megabytes think that was birthday armor


That’s all Anniversary loot.

The “Statuesque” set is basically the same as the “Metamorphogenetic” set that’s currently dropping for Halloween, but grey to make you look like a statue. The gloves in particular had separate patch notes because they didn’t drop properly until after the free week ended.

Rusted Carbonum Armor is Carbonum armor that looks rusted. I think the stats and requirements are similar to basic Carbonum, but I haven’t actually compared them. If you search the GMI for “Rusted” Armor, you can see the stats there.