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Basic Info:

Platform: =PS5=
Issue Type: =Loading Delay=
Game Mode: =OnLine or cooperative=
Server Type: =PvP=
Map: =Exile and Siptah=
Server Name: =8034 and cooperative =

Game loading delay, every time you go through an obelisk or portal, enter a dungeon, take off the bracelet, the loading screen takes too long, previously it only took between 4 to 7 seconds on the PS5. now you can wait 40 to 60 seconds waiting for the bar to load.

Bug Description:


Bug Reproduction:


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I’ve noticed this as well, though primarily in the evening when more people get on. I have mondays off, so I can see the difference during non-peak hours on those days.

40 to 60 seconds would be so nice :sweat_smile:
For me it’s more 4 to 7 minutes… I am on ps4 BTW

but if it was a server problem it would not affect the individual or cooperative game and this delay error also happens in the individual game.

I think it has something to do with game files, since I delete the game and download it again and it works perfectly, after a few hours the error returns. it seems that it was some cache or temporary files.

Oh I don’t doubt it’s partly due to the game itself. In fact, it’s quite obvious. There’s a lot of optimization issues that arose with 3.0. Just saying that the server population impacts it as well, more than it should I’d say.

The wait for the game to load is unbearable. appear in bed or charge when exiting a dungeon. in attack it can’t be that you spend two minutes waiting to respawn.

How do you do it? every time an update comes out they break the game. The loading time is infinite, it is faster to close the game and agree to enter than to wait to respawn after a death. It’s frustrating.
More than a year and still can not climb the foundations, or walls.

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