Loading server menu Japan now has prime intrest

Perhaps it is just me, but now every single time I log into conan. Japan is the region that shows up first instead of America where I am from. its’ as if it was purposely intended for Japan to have prime interest and attention drawn to it. If you want equality then maybe you should add something for default loading such as: All regions. However, I am not in favor of this as I would prefer the region I am from to be my default server loading menu. I’m not the only one that has had an issue with this.

I noticed it…and now voicing it. Please fix this issue. This is a problem for Americans to see a blank server list if they don’t notice region. be like…wtf is going on? restart game, check mods until someone says something to them. America First. America First pun intended.

I have the same issue. Weird that the hotfix would do this…


We added in Japan as a separate server region and this, weirdly, had an affect on American players. All regions was, and should be, the default server region.

Are you able to switch back to your own server region once you have the server list up, or are you locked into only finding Japanese servers?

Also: do you have any mods installed?

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