Login issues May 20th

Just wanted to check if any had issues atm with getting in since Twitter isnt reporting anything?
I get the Check your firewall etc pop up!

regards venom

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I can’t login either. Getting the same message of “check your firewall”. (I login through Steam.)

So far we found all people with steam client can’t log in the game. XD
At least a few dozens of people on official discord.

yes Im using Steam client also so guess im in the same boat :slight_smile: thx for the fast reply

Ditto. Same message when launching via Steam.

Same Problem here. Can not login from Steam. Log in without Steam on another Account works btw.

Raises hand
Also having these issues.

I am getting the same issue as well, I am also a steam user…

Tried other online games from steam though - no problems so its betweeen steam and Funcom atm I guess

same “Cannot connect to the login server, please check your connection or firewall.” …


Thanks to jetlag, I’ve seen several messages about this now and will try to get ahold of ops (currently ~5am EDT)

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yay \o/ we did it!

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I am also having the issue on my steam client.

Thanks for checking Andy and keep up the good work.

Same here - Steam account, “Check your firewall” message.

Thank you for checking, Andy!

Update: Got ahold of people, still working on figuring out the cause and a solution. Turns out it’s not as simple as feeding hamsters :hamster:

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well hold our breath for as long as it takes :X

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an event will be great after this issue solved :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi everyone! Steam auth issues should now be resolved. We’re showing green from Valve at this time. Thank you all for your patience while this was sorted out.

still not fixed