Login server issue

Haven gotten the " Cannot contact login server, check connect and firewall" message. Servers are stating that they are up. I am also not a Steam user, I use the direct client patcher. Both patcher and client allowed through firewall.
So is anyone else having this issue or just me?

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It’s not just you, quite a few people discussing it on the Discord. It’s affecting Conan too, so I imagine it will be looked at soon.

Same problem here - been kicked out approx. an hour ago, now I am wether stuck retrieving patch information, in the auth screen or at the char login. Germany here

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ditto. Got kicked out a few hours ago, and am still unable to log back in.


Probably related to very widespread internet outage today. CenturyLink had a massive IPv4 issue that affected many parts of the world, if I’m reading the news headlines correctly.

Andy has confirmed that that is a distinct possibility: