Long load on Xbox series X|S after 3.0 and 3.0.1

Hello, I would like to report a Performance issue that happens after update 3.0 and still happens with 3.0.1, on all Xbox series S|X after dying on a PvP/PvE and PvE-C server the game takes about 3 Minutes or more to charge, it’s specifically charge after death and happens in exile when trying to teleport to obelisks.

note: loading to join any server is still normal and very fast on Series S|X taking about 15.20 seconds, but after dying from anything, there is no specific north that causes this problem, it’s definitely something in the loading of the Series, Please if this is really intentional the loading takes longer, people try to improve it a little, if this is to avoid performance problems or failures, people try to reduce this load to at least 1 minute, please do not fix this problem (if it is a problem) and unintentionally bring crash and performance issues to Series S|X consoles.

I ask that all players who have the same “Bug/Problem” please report here in this topic to receive a faster response, Thank you.

Sorry for English errors, this text was translated by Google translator from Brazilian Portuguese.

Errors: In the translation it was, “DON’T FIX THE PROBLEM” Actually I wanted to say don’t fix the problem if it’s not actually a problem but intentional to improve performance, if that’s not on purpose then we all want a fix, if there is any error again thanks.

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