PvE Conflict loading issue

Game mode: [Online PvE Conflict]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [North America or Europe]

Running on Xbox 1 X.
Server 2731
Revision #22733/25149

Any PvE Conflict server specifically I join I experience… not lag nor a framerate drop but a loading and NPC issue. I will join and building pieces will take a long time to load. Longer than 20 minutes for example would be elevator; doors; wheel of pain. Additionally creatures and NPCs teleport during combat making their attacks and movements instant. Also mined rocks take seconds to show them crumble. I know it is not lag as my character moving; action; tree harvesting; are normal, also it occurs only on PvE conflict official servers. These issues also occurred during a purge so I was able to watch the timer while engaging in combat or mining rocks to test. I’ve uninstall and reinstalled, installed on the internal and external hard drives, cleared saved data, ran the game with no DLC, with DLC, went to single player offline mode first, went straight in, went to other servers and back. Waited. Nothing seems to work. If there is more I can offer for information let me know. I did save on my Xbox the recordings of the issue, if it helps. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Logged into the server.
2.Ran around

Hello @Zenos, what region are you currently based on?

Could you also let us know your connection speed, average ping to these servers, and whether you’ve tested this on a wired or wireless connection?

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Hi @Hugo,

The server is America. I’m in Arizona.

In the server I’m at the jungle but it happens over the map.

My Xbox says for the network: NAT open; Download speed 60.72 Mbps; Upload 5.05 Mbps; 0 packet loss; Latency 33 ms.

The ping on the server is 66.

My Xbox is wired.

Please let me know if more information is needed. And thank you.

Thank you, we’ll reach out to you privately to further debug this matter.

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