Long story about problem I’ve been having for 2 days please read funcom!

Game mode: Online official pvp
Problem: Performance
Region: North American central

So 2 days ago me and my fighter thrall went to the unnamed city to kill some bosses. The first 2 or 3 bosses went smooth, then on the fourth boss my thrall stopped attacking. She would just square up and watch me get clapped. I checked her inventory and she had a weapon, I tried clicking to put it in her main hand but she still seemed to square up and watch me get rotated. My first attempt at solving this problem was to exit the unnamed city, tell my thrall to stop following me, and use the move and guard and placing her, then I attempted to fight more bosses, she still seemed to do nothing helpful. I then restarted my game. I tried joining the server again and after ten minutes of playing a phone game I realized I was still loading (infinite load screen). So I restarted my game about 6 times, still an infinite load screen. Next I went to play single player for about 5 mins before trying again. This time it works and I load in, I immediately notice my thrall is not where she last was (standing infront of me before I restarted my game). I checked the event log and she hadn’t died, so I began to search for about 10 minutes and couldn’t seem to find her. Then I turned my brain on and went to the location I told her to stand guard at earlier. She was there and this time she actually fought bosses with me instead of putting her fists up and watching me. Couple bosses later I head back to base and log off for the night.

The next day I log on and notice when I wake up in my base it looks like My base is completely empty for about five minutes. After those five minutes my crafting tables, chests, braziers, etc. all begin to magically appear. I’m finally able to open my door and go outside. I then notice my stamina bar is all laggy (normally, while I’m sprinting it would go down in small increments till it hit the end), this time it would go down the first little bit and then stop though I am still sprinting and when I stopped to let it regenerate, instead of going up in about 3 or 4 pulses it would either take a second and then just go from nothing to full or it wouldn’t go up at all. I thought eh it’ll probably fix itself when I do a little combat. I go to kill some thralls and immediately notice the same lag with their health bars when I attack them. So I ask my clan mates if they’re having any similar issues, they reply no. Next I get around my clan mates and notice they are pretty much moving as if they were playing dragon ball z and afterimaging around instead of smoothly running. And now I’m here on the forums because I feel these issues are going to anger me in pvp combat. Or maybe when I logged in today getting raided and none of my benches, chests, braziers etc. are even loaded in! The dude blows through my door we get into, what I thought would be combat but really turns out to be my stabbing him with no result of damage and him stabbing me and doing damage. I back off and notice it’s been about 6 mins and my things still aren’t loading in, he begins to run in circles around my base trying to get away from my thralls and tames but ultimately dies. My clan mate arrives and I tell him that we didn’t lose much just this chest, those two over there and this bench. He then tells me that he can clearly see all of those things, and I’m like dafuq? After we fix our base I log in and out multiple times to see if the stuff not loading in issue reoccurs. And it does and seems to take longer and longer loading the stuff every time I restart, I even have a clip showing it take about 20 something minutes to load the things in! And by the way NONE of this was happening to me 2 days ago.

I’ve tried deleting my game and reinstalling, I’ve tried playing single player (which seems to work perfectly), Though I still come back to the official pvp server to the same issues. I don’t know what to do besides post here.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get an infinite load screen
  2. Play single player for 5 minutes to fix it
  3. Go back to your normal online official pvp
  4. Maybe you will have these problems idk

Hey there @K_Jordin_S

Welcome to our community.
We’re sorry you’re experiencing issues while playing the game. Could you let us know which PS4 model you’re using to play the game? (original, slim, Pro)

I’m playing on a normal ps4, no pro, no slim.

I wrote this whole story and now I’m starting to think it may just be server lag with all the new players building their bases, plus the hundreds of bases already here.

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Yea I’m having the same lag issues and it is because of all the new people. I feel it might get worse the longer it stays free. Noob river is littered with half built bases and random people passed out everywhere

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It’ll be free all month, so it’s a potential long term thing, and even once this month ends, I can also take a very good guess that at least a portion of the people who got it free through PS+ will stay, as long as their subscription doesn’t lapse.

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