Looking for a fresh server

Looking for a server that is starting today! I enjoy the race of a fresh server. Please nothing where anyone is over 20 already.

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I setup my server on 5/26 but so far i am the only one who has built anything on it. Fee free to join if you are interested.
Direct IP& Port Connection:

Our server started on 5/30, after a few tweaks. We have a few in the teens, as far as levels go, but it really is a lowbie server, at the moment. As admin, I do not engage in pvp (we are pve, but with a few hours of pvp at night–zero building damage). I really like to build and just explore, besides helping everyone. Our second admin plays as a normal player, and only invokes admin powers for emergencies or he can easily contact me. He is still in the teen levels. We set up a Discord, and will dish out the invites, after we get a few more on the server.

You are more than welcome to give us a try!

PC Mortalis Pve-Conflict 2x All XP /—Fresh Server est. 5/30

Come check out Ymir’s-Legion [RP-PVP] - [EVENT BASED] - [NOOBIE FRIENDLY] we just started today

Savage Endowment PvP PvE Lite RP 2x XP Fashionist Mod No Avatars!

New player friendly with a small relaxed community. Give it a try I believe you will like it there

Join mine, its new and freshly wiped just witing for players.

PVE, x1 exp/harvest, keep items on death, no pvp

Still looking for people my psn is ranjore1987 thanks