Looking for a RP server that isn't heavily modded

Like title says, just looking for a server somewhere that is not so modded.

Of those I know, I can recommend Cursed Sands, the others have around 15-20 mods. Have a look at the servers in this forum section, but most rp ones usually come along with many mods, since each adds a little something. Don’t be too scared of many mods, some are very light ones and don’t take much to load at startup, though others (generally building addons and decorations) tend to be heavy, still have no fear and try them!. :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m just trying to avoid the too many mod ones. Spent nearly 3 hours uninstalling/reinstalling to get servers to work. Just trying to hopefully avoid that fiasco. I’ll give the server you mention a look and see how it goes.

Well, right after a Funcom update or patch is not the best time to join modded servers. All modders need time to get into the devkit and update their mods to the new updates, usually it’s quick, taking a couple of days or so. Bad timing I guess. :wink:

Once you have downloaded all required mods for any server, it should be quick thing, just updates and not much more, so makes the process a bit more relaxed than downloading all at once.

I been seeing that from the discord I joined for one server. It’s basically impossible to do anything in it without it crashing. Guess I’ll go play Minecraft or something for a few. lol

Yes, there’s general problems not only in private servers but over all officials too since the last patch. I’m sorry you chose this particular time frame to try private servers. Just idle on something else and wait until devs get things straight, meanwhile, have fun!.

Indeed always bad timing on my part. Well the Funcom twitch is about to start in less than 4 minutes so might see what they say there if anything. :smiley:

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join our server. started sept 7. it´s PVP, but not RP thou, but pretty relaxed.
x2 exp and harvest.

Server is called Exiles Playground CW.

Cool, I’ll give it a look.

We have a fair few mods but they are all little mods that just add RP items in the game etc :slight_smile:

We are RP and PvP. If you wanna know a bit more feel free to join us on discord :smiley:

:camera: https://discord.gg/jjCJ6KM

It can surely be a nightmare having to update them, but there are 4 of us consistently doing this so its barely a problem :slight_smile:

SERVER NAME: The Dark Below 18+
This is what you want. Ps4. Look up our clan if you like it. SoldiersOfFrak