Looking for an active pvp server

ok I am a new player looking to get into pvp but its hard finding a good server to start on . I am in the US East coast. I don’t heavy modified servers due to the fact it takes forever to load. other than that I am open so hit me up with servers

Hello Exile!
We just started a server LA based last Friday its PVP 24/7 with weekend raid times. PVE is welcomed as well. We don’t have any mods and its slightly boasted with x4 harvest, x2 XP, everything is normal. We are planning on building raid bases and PVP events later as the server fills. We have 1 admin and 2 moderators 1 based in the US and myself based in Japan. So if you would like come check us out! Here is our direct link or search: Blood and Sands PVP

Direct connect:

3552 is perfect server to start on for PlayStation 4 and it’s active

NEW PVP server: eXiles eXposed 18+

Fresh server starting on 01/18/2020 !
Location: US West Coast
Population Limit: 40
Clan Max Size: 8
No PVP or building damage time restrictions.
Official PVP server settings , except for these changes:

  • idle thirst and hunger modifiers: 0.5 (half of normal)
  • offline thirst and hunger modifiers: 0 (disabled)
  • friendly damage modifier: 0 (friendly fire disabled)

Adults only.

The intention of this server is to play like an official server with the addition of some visual and aesthetic changes. Those visual changes and Sexiles mod make this an 18+, adults only server. I’ve been looking for a server like this and couldn’t find any, so I created what may be a unique server for this game.

Because this is to play like an official server, do not expect and admin assistance, interference or use of admin powers/rights. The admin will be a player on this server like any other.

The mods used for this server are:

  1. PermPaint (to make warpaints actually worth using)
  2. Invisible Warpaints (a visual mod to give you the option of not having warpaint interfere with your look)
  3. More dances for the dancers (adds 2 better dances to the default dances)
  4. Lust Goddess Armor Set (beautiful armor that I think is lore friendly)
  5. Exposed Armor HD - Released 2018! (a visual mod that is one of the reasons this server is 18+)
  6. Improved_Bodies_2_Shaved_and_Oily (a visual mod)
  7. Fashionist v3.2.0 (1.0 and DLC compatible) (a visual mod that allows you to control the look of your character as well as not give away what armor you’re wearing and thus what build you are)
  8. Conan Sexiles 3.2.0 (■■■ animations that is one of the reasons this server is 18+)

All players welcome! New players welcome! Vets welcome! RPers welcome! PVP and raiders welcome! Everyone is welcome!

ShadowWrath we have a new server PVPVE: `` [EU-RP-PVPVE] Galaecia. PVP with main base protection´´

-I invite you to join the server that I created, [ESP-RP-PVPVE] Galaecia. The main objective of this server is to get a fun but controlled PVP. If you are mature Gamers like me, you will surely understand me when you like these survival-type games, but you can not be as many hours connected as before, nor overwhelmed thinking that you can root the base, and that you have invested many hours in it for nothing. Therefore, I have created the server so you can always rest assured that your main base will not be rooted, but I have left the fun risk that you could be assaulted anywhere, rob you, or root other secondary bases. For this I have put a series of rules in our discord server.

-Dont worry for wipes.

-Server name: [EU-RP-PVPVE] Galaecia. PVP with main base protection.
-Discord: discord.gg/aG3zfKU

Hey :slight_smile: We have a fair few mods but mostly smaller so the load time isnt huge. We actually removed some to make the wait time less. We are PvP and have a lot of US players :slight_smile:

We have players from the us with no connection problems at all.Join discord toand talk to them.Im sure you will like them. https://discord.gg/tPeDmZN