Looking for an ingame wife!


As the topic says, I’ve been looking for a girl ingame for several years now. I can hear the joking already how pathetic human being I am, but you are wrong! I’m looking for an ingame wife, not irl wife. I want you to be my girl strictly ingame.

The reason I’m doing this is to complete the game. I have too many endgame characters, creds, gear and fame… BUT I lack the loving person by my side!

Why be with me?

  • I am the best MA/NT pvper (by far)
  • I’m rich
  • I’ll do everything for you

Requirements to be my wife

  • I need you to be female in real life and play a female character.
  • Be a nice person who likes to chat with me. Really nice to have someone to talk to after I’m coming back from a tower war or 5 hours of dueling Forz.
  • Hug me sometimes

You might be wondering why I require you to be female in real life? Do not worry, that’s the only thing I need to know about you. It just doesn’t feel right if you are guy.

Please feel free to reply here or send me private messages!

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I must say, I think this is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Best of luck. :heart:


Those are precisely the traits that women look for in men.

Note of warning though: such woman will probably be more than slightly overweight and have a beard.

Oh my! I thought the models usually ended up with the older, balder, nerdier rich men. :nerd_face: :rofl:


Follow ur dreams :stuck_out_tongue:



No I still haven’t found the right person.

Hoewever people often ask how rich am I?
My complete AO net worth is probably 500-1000b (Hard to say right now because of the prices)

Don’t be shy and contact me!

hy ill be ur gf tnx

I met my RL wife in AO. I was pocket tanking Adonis Hecklers for her team. Funny but true. E-dated for a while, then moved in together. Flew to the other side of the globe to get engaged/married. Been living together for 7ish years now. Anarchy Online wives are the best kind of wives.


Paav :smiley:

ima tell kate you missing her

Update 2!

I barely played during the last 2-3 months, but something big happened while I wasn’t
actively checking this thread.

I was contacted by a female AO player who would like to play and get in pvp scene with me.
Yesterday I replied to her and I am still waiting to get her character’s name and finally meet her ingame.
I am so happy I don’t know what to say. This could be it!! FINALLY <3

I will keep you guys updated. Hope she is still around and checks forum PMs.

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G’luck! Best wishes. So cute. :+1: :grinning:

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Hey I’m new and very interested in playing this game. I’m a fast learner. I wouldn’t mind to marry you ingame.My characters name is sisterofnight. So think about it. I’m not sure how to leave a private message for you or how to get one. Please try to find me. Im just doing research on this game. I want to be prepared. I’m a good addition to anything you want to look amazing. Anyways hope your not married yet. Come and find me.

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Aaaaw! The cuteness continues!!! :revolving_hearts: :smile:

No happy end yet?

The only game where I’ve seen marriages was Meridian 59 back more than 20 years… AFAIK they were that deep into role playing that the real gender didn’t matter.
Personally I met my former wife in Everquest and I know others which met the partner in other MMORPGs like WoW. But I think a lot of gamers will know examples from their crowd.

Sup? Its 2020, soon 21 and in this day n age, who says two like minded supposed adults, cant be wedded in marital bliss, even if just a marriage of convenience.

I take an oath, to drag you by your hair, and not your feet. So as to not fill with sand. As an avid meat eater, i to will serve you beef from the finest farms Australia has to offer. Unlike the natives, from the islands across the ditch, or from the lands of Brexit, when you dont cook the man some eggs, i aint going to bust you up with a fruit salad.

I will treat you good, share my kos list, my box, can swing with your box.

Come on, take the knee. Be my bearch, ig.


This thread still gives me a warm fuzzy. :heart: Hoping you get a swipe right soon. :grin::rose:

Meet my wife here in AO. On the top of my head I can think of 5 other cupples that meet here aswell. Not counting the ones I know are together and not married

wife plz. am also needs 1
must haz long whippy tail and leik2eat bronto borgars
im by the tire

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