Looking for an ingame wife!


As the topic says, I’ve been looking for a girl ingame for several years now. I can hear the joking already how pathetic human being I am, but you are wrong! I’m looking for an ingame wife, not irl wife. I want you to be my girl strictly ingame.

The reason I’m doing this is to complete the game. I have too many endgame characters, creds, gear and fame… BUT I lack the loving person by my side!

Why be with me?

  • I am the best MA/NT pvper (by far)
  • I’m rich
  • I’ll do everything for you

Requirements to be my wife

  • I need you to be female in real life and play a female character.
  • Be a nice person who likes to chat with me. Really nice to have someone to talk to after I’m coming back from a tower war or 5 hours of dueling Forz.
  • Hug me sometimes

You might be wondering why I require you to be female in real life? Do not worry, that’s the only thing I need to know about you. It just doesn’t feel right if you are guy.

Please feel free to reply here or send me private messages!

I must say, I think this is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Best of luck. :heart:

Those are precisely the traits that women look for in men.

Note of warning though: such woman will probably be more than slightly overweight and have a beard.

Oh my! I thought the models usually ended up with the older, balder, nerdier rich men. :nerd_face: :rofl:


Follow ur dreams :stuck_out_tongue:

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No I still haven’t found the right person.

Hoewever people often ask how rich am I?
My complete AO net worth is probably 500-1000b (Hard to say right now because of the prices)

Don’t be shy and contact me!

hy ill be ur gf tnx

I met my RL wife in AO. I was pocket tanking Adonis Hecklers for her team. Funny but true. E-dated for a while, then moved in together. Flew to the other side of the globe to get engaged/married. Been living together for 7ish years now. Anarchy Online wives are the best kind of wives.


Paav :smiley:

ima tell kate you missing her