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Good Morning everyone. New to the Forums.
I host a Private Server, and have been trying to bring new things in for my players. I have gotten used to the Admin Panel and such, but some feats still elude me. I have scoured the internet trying to find a List of all of the games Feat IDs, especially for the Feats from Isle of Siptah, that do not have scrolls. But I have had no luck. I even started going through the Tedious Process of using the Learnfeat command and starting with 1… then 2… then 3… etc… but I figure this will take me months, at least, to get them all. I tried downloading the Devkit so I could search there for the info, but alas, my laptop isn’t big enough to install it.
Is there a list anywhere of all the feat ID’s in the game?

Unfortunately, you will have to research it since the game does not have a clear system on where feat points is gain from and where.

I posted what Esoteric Scrolls somewhere on the forums (with help from a few) for EL and IoS. Otherwise, other feats do get more complex since EL many feats are learned by finding them and IoS is learned by obtaining the item/scroll.

You can pull Pippi mod to see all the Feat IDs in the game though. Or open the devkit I guess if you are familiar with it. I am not (yet).

Unfortunately, I can’t use the Devkit, hardrive on my laptop isn’t big enough to install. and I play on XBox, so I can’t have mods. Personally I would love to have the Pippi Mod, as it would make managing my server so much easier.

Still searching and scouring the web, with no luck. Does anyone even have a Handful of the Feat IDs for the LearnFeat console command? Specifically the ones from Siptah.

I will DM you.

Dunno if you’re willing to fork out the cash but 1TB thumbdrives can be had for just under $100… 512GB ones just under $50… and 256GB for around $25/$30 They are 1TB and over now-a-days… You prolly already knew…


THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are a lifesaver!

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An external is my next step. Cuz I want to learn more about Modding anyways. Thank you!

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If you go with an external drive I would suggest one of those “Drive Docks”. I love those things! So handy! Dual bay ones typically offer a standalone drive cloning feature too.

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