Looking for fun sever

As title i’m about done with this game, but absolutely love it . Problem is the idiots blocking parts of the story with huge walls for no other reason than to be a D*** head, general pain in the ■■■■ stuff you know the kind.

But anyway any servers that’s fun, not to much quick resource gathering though pve-c or pve if possible would let me join this is the last chance for this game other wise i’m gone had enough of the idiots.
Ps4 player

We have a pve server 10 slots very active players almost full we are very friendly have very few rules we do have resource gathering set high to make building easier. we are tweeking the setting trying to get a good balance always open to suggestions and very active admins. Almost always one of us is on. If you are interested send me a message jray32363.


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sounds great thank you.

Can i join aswell looking for fun friendly server

Yes message me at jray32363

If you are interested message me at jray32363

RaW PvE-C (new server)

New server check it out man gonna be active with the admin stuff and will not allow dick headish behaviour

made a post as well with settings etc

We could use another guy for our clan on a PVE-C server, 40 slots, password protected, so the community is good. Admins are very active keeping order. There is 4 hours Sat/Sun for PVP, though you can opt you base out if you aren’t interested in joining.

Server is friendly/fun, and you would have a small clan to join up with to make your start a lot easier. Server info:

Asgardian Exiles is a fairly new server. I was admin for another server that painfully wiped every 3 weeks due to toxic players. I decided if I was going to admin, why not run my own server so that’s exactly what I did. I pulled in ex-admins with a few friends and together we created a server we are proud to share and hope everyone will enjoy.

As soon as you enter the server, you will be guided to our welcome center where you will starter chests of iron tools to help you begin your journey. At the welcome center you will also find a room supplied with food and water and 2nd room holding free loot from destroyed bases or gifts from other players. The server rules are on the 2nd floor - read them, know them, or suffer the consequences. A community crafting center with T-4 thralls is located behind the welcome center. That is the beginning of what my server has to offer. We have lit map rooms at every obelisk, theft-free community wheels equipped with T-4 TaskMasters, PvP Arena, 3-in-1 Maze Arena filled with tricks, pits, puzzles, and fatal decisions. We have a total of 6 admins and 1 PvP/Event Coordinator because we have worked too hard on this server to ever want to wipe it. Rules are strict but they are there to be fair to everyone. Our goal is to have a server where everyone can have a good gaming experience without griefing. This is a PvE-C server so not everyone wants PvP and simply placing a purple flag on your base opts you out of PvP play. If anyone touches your base, well, they won’t be happy. However for those who do enjoy PvP, can raid anyone without a purple flag on Saturday & Sunday during a 4hr window, avatars enabled. The idea of pvp is to steal their loot so blow up what you need to, to gain entry, without totally destroying their base. Server info is below, you are more than welcome to join A.E. to explore or to stay.

TYPE >> PS4, PvE-C
LOCATION >> USA; P acific S tandard T ime (West Coast)
LIVE DATE >> March 10, 2019, password
COMMUNITY>> Relaxed, PvP on weekends only (4hrs) 2pm-5pm PST
LANGUAGE >> English
SLOTS >> 40
RESET TIMES >> Daily 10pm PST / 11pm MST/ 12am CST/1am EST
CLAN SIZE >> 6 (three alpha clans on server currently)
ADIMINS >> 6 area-assigned admins & 1 pvp/event manager. Also available offline.
COMMUNICATION >> All issues, comments, server notices & events will be posted on PS4 community “Asgardian Exiles”
SETTINGS >> are set as follows:
++GENERAL > pvp enabled, time-restrict weekends (4hrs) 2-5pm, sandstorm enabled, guild map markers enabled, ignore ownership (lock it or lose it)
++PROGRESSION> 5x players xp/kills/time, 8x harvest, 8x crafting xp
++DAY/NIGHT CYCLE > slow daytime speed, 6-minute night cycle, no catch-up
++SURVIVAL > minimum (0.1) stamina cost, min. active thirst/hunger, 0 idle thirst/hunger, characters do not stay in the world, no dropped equipment, everyone can loot corpse (pvp purpose), 2x corruption removal, minimum corruption gain
++COMBAT > default settings, time-restric avatars @ pvp hours only, target-lock enabled
++HARVESTING > minimum spoil rate, 5x harvesting, 3x resource respawn speed
++CRAFTING > fast crafting time, 5-minute thrall cook time, slow fuel burn
++ABANDONMENT > no building decay, abandonment disabled (admin monitored)
++PURGE > Hard-level 6, 20-minute duration, 1 player must be online to activate.
++PET & HUNGER > default settings, exclusive diet


  • Griefing is not allowed, this includes camping bases or stalking players
  • Disrespecting an admin won’t be tolerated.
  • All containers ignore ownership. Lock it up or lose it.
  • No rhino taming. It causes lag and interferes with player gameplay.
  • Disobey or maniupulate the rules is an automatic kick
  • Community Thrall Centers are a theft-free area. All T-4 TaskMasters are admin property, they are not to be removed. They are there for you and everyone else to use. If a thrall is being cooked and the owner is not present, its free to be taken. The owner must be present for the whole 6-minute cook process.
  • Market Place is a theft-free area as well. The DLC weapons and armor on display are for viewing purposes only. If you wish to buy any DLC armor, weapon, or pet with silver or gold, contact an admin to meet you at the market to purchase these items. NPC Merchants are also available at this market on the 2nd floor.
  • Contact an admin once you reach level 60 for your free accomplishment pack (100 star metal, 100 legendary repair kits, 1 vertical/horizonal elevator, 1 map room, 1 vault, 1 skeleton key, 50 fragments, 1 greater pet, 2 (50) color dyes )


  • Max base size is 25x25 square tiles. Everything you own must fit inside this space. You can build as high as the Eiffel tower as the algorithm doesn’t recognize it. Community base max size is 12x12 since it has no purpose other than decoration.
  • Clans with 3+ members are permitted two base builds - a production base (crafting tables, wheels, altar, etc) and community base (decorated house)
    Cannot block player-progression areas; lores, recipes, emotes, resource spawn points
    No spamming foundation or pillars. Use elevators if possible-admis give them for free! Foundation built along/inside rocks are difficult to see and demo.


  • PvP on Saturdays and Sundays 2pm-5pm PST / 5pm-9pm EST
  • Please do not attack players 10+ below you, its not fair play. If they attack you, rek 'em!
  • Only destroy what you have to in order to enter the base you are raiding
  • Loot what you need or can carry. Don’t loot a base then drop the items.
  • If you do not want to participate in PvP, display a large purple banner (free at welcome center) to opt out. If someone attacks your base, report it to an admin.
    Pssst!! If you want to raid anyone, go after Scarlett_Queen. He is villain admin (event manager) who wants you to raid his impenetrable base which yields tons of loot but be warned flames of fireballs await your arrival.

We are still fairly new so there is plenty of space available to find your dream spot. If you don’t mind having rules so you can have a good gaming experience then we may be what you are looking for. Try us out for a day, or three days. Join the community board if you want to be a permanent server member. All events will be posted on the community board because sending a message to everyone would be too much work. We hope to see you there, and please, for those few players who would like to test us to see how far you can go on bending the rules… don’t. We worked really hard on this server prior to launch and we do not want ANY server wipes.
On violation, the Gods will come and they will have no mercy.

They have a post on this first page in regards to the server, or if you would like to join, I’m Armageto80 on PSN. I can help you get in, join my clan, and be set up to roll in no time.

Update we have now updated our server size to 30 slots. I think you would love our server.