Looking for New Members- PC


Hi all,

My Clan has been playing since Early Access and looking for players to join us. We are on an Private PvP US Server.

*We currently have 2 spots. We are looking for leaders/builders and people who will be dedicated to the clan. T3 Resources, armor/weapons will be provided to Clan members.

Rules of the Clan:

*We ask for maturity, and the ability to handle constructive criticism.

*Be a part of the Clan and the community.

*Listen to the Officers

*Respect your Clan

  • Help build the main base not be a lone wolf

**If you are interested being part of our clan please send me a message.

What times are most of your members active?

We are mostly on between 5pm eastern to 1am eastern Monday through Friday and 1pm to 2am eastern- Saturday and Sunday.

you guys still looking?

We have 2 more spots if you would like to join us


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