Looking for pve players to team up


I am looking for a pve official server clan to team up with.

I can build effective bases that are more less aestheticly pleasing.
I know my way around and have been clearing all of the available content in singleplayer without modifying difficulty or any kind of mods (even after the hp buff)

I am looking for people who like to build nice bases, hoard resources and are open to go and kill stuff and explore the lore and together. Not necessarily huge gaming freaks.

I am not a kind of “always online” player. I usually play conan for 2-3 hours a day, sometimes less, sometimes more. I might not log in for a day or two.

Feel free to post here if interested.

Hi Kevlarow,

What’s your platform? I’m on Xbox One… Haven’t played a lot yet but I’m learning quickly and I’m looking for people to team up with as well.

I’m playing on PC. EU zone.

Are you open to private pve server with a few quality of life mods and a 1.5 gather rate? We have players from around the globe and enjoy building and exploring all the game has to offer.

I would be if I haven’t started on official pve server already.