Looking for pve server

Hi! Looking for a pve server that doesn’t have the settings tweaked too hard (would love harvest rate up, or xp rate up a tad). And maybe with not a ton of people on it. I have some experience with desert and mound of dead. l Haven’t really explored much else.

Honestly, vanilla is the best way to go. The leveling isn’t terribly difficult. You can easily level up to max casually within a week or two tops (quicker if you really try). Also, harvest rates are pretty reasonable, especially once you upgrade your tools. When I first started on official 4 years ago, the harvest rates were brutally low. They’ve since boosted them for PvE. I suggest you give it a good shot and you’ll see you can create some cool stuff. Honestly, the harvesting is a combination of your character build and equipment. It’s possible to get tons of materials in a matter of a couple hours… and we’re talking the basics of stone and wood.

I already have a level 60 character and harvesting for tier 3 was a PITA. also I just ended up making my own server anyway. 2x xp rate and 3x harvesting. In gtg now.

Fair enough. FYI, if you choose to go back to official, I suggest a survival build… or I guess it’s called something else now, but you get the idea. What you want is the encumbrance and harvesting perks. Max authority helps too so you can have a thrall follow you to keep you safe. Using that in combination with starmetal tools (black blood tools do less harvest for some reason, so don’t listen to others when they suggest) will net you quite a few resources in a shorter period of time. What most people neglect is the build. I struggled with farming a bit (not too much, but it was very tedious) prior to trying to switch up my build. I suggest, unless you’re using corruption modifiers, to use bestial memory potions to your advantage. Switch your character build as needed.

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