Looking for RP players to play with me and my clanmates

In essence, we are trying to become a kingdom, we just need the final push (3 more members) in this RP serious server and we would love to play with anyone, novice or veteran, we are a friendly clan and we would love to have you with us.

To get in contact : PS tag : Tim3T0Die_v2
Discord: elpenemioesgigante

Now, on a full business mode:

Seeking like-minded adventurers for a thrilling journey through the frozen lands. Embrace the Conan Exiles universe with us! No experience required, just a passion for immersive roleplay and an adventurous spirit. Enjoy the game, build friendships, and conquer challenges together. Our main base in B13 offers a home in the icy wilderness. Be part of our diverse clan of mercenaries, alchemists, tamers, and blacksmiths. Stay active, unleash your creativity, and forge unforgettable tales in the realm of ice. Join us now and leave your mark upon the frost-kissed world!

The Grand Magic Tower: As you may already know, we are in the process of building our very own kingdom. One of the most exciting features we have planned is the Grand Magic Tower. Imagine having a dedicated space where you can explore the depths of magic and guide others on their mystical journeys, I believe no other clan will be up to offering the same for the reason they are restricted with their building pieces and might have already ended their building process, you dont want a little room to explore magic, do you?

Adventurers Guild:Our kingdom will also boast an Adventurers Guild, a place where brave souls can gather, exchange stories, and embark on quests together. As a member of the Icebound Brotherhood, you would have the opportunity to shape and influence the guild’s operations, providing a platform for students all over the world to learn from your expertise.

Compelling RP Narratives: At the Icebound Brotherhood, we take storytelling and roleplay very seriously. Our dedicated members go above and beyond to create immersive and captivating RP narratives. From lighthearted moments of humor to intense moments of seriousness, we strive to provide a rich and engaging RP experience.

Dynamic Viking Theme: While we embody the spirit of Vikings in this alternate Conan universe, we welcome characters of all backgrounds and cultures. Your unique character, with their own distinct traits and skills, would bring a fresh perspective to our group. We believe that our interests can align and that together.

Tamed Great Beasts: Imagine having the companionship and power of tamed great beasts at your side. As part of our clan, you would have access to a variety of impressive creatures, from mighty wolves to majestic frost giants. These loyal companions will not only provide you with protection and aid in battles but also enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Established Settlement: Joining the Icebound Brotherhood means becoming part of an established settlement in the frozen lands. Our base in B13 offers a home in the icy wilderness, complete with well-constructed buildings, fortifications, and functional amenities. You will have a secure and comfortable place to call your own, surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your passion for immersive roleplay.

Gear and Resources: As a member of our clan, you will have access to a vast array of gear, weapons, and resources. Our blacksmiths and craftsmen are skilled in their trade and will ensure that you are equipped with top-notch equipment to face the challenges that lie ahead. Whether you need a sturdy shield, a powerful weapon, or specialized armor, our clan will provide you with the means to excel in your chosen path.

Goal-Driven RP Clan: We believe that every member’s personal goals and aspirations should be honored and nurtured. The Icebound Brotherhood is dedicated to supporting each member in their individual character development and storylines. Whether you seek to uncover ancient relics, master a specific profession, or explore uncharted territories, our clan will be there to provide guidance, resources, and collaboration to help you achieve your goals.

Expansion Opportunities: As our kingdom grows and evolves, there will be opportunities for you to contribute and take on leadership roles within the Icebound Brotherhood. The Council of Power, which governs our lands, offers positions such as High Mage, Master Tactician, Chief Diplomat, and more. These positions not only provide a sense of responsibility and influence but also allow you to shape the destiny of our realm.

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I would join if i don’t have to pvp.

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Hi… is the server EU or US, ping makes huge difference on PS lol, also do you have a direct discord link? Be nice to see server rules and things like that to see if it peaks interest. Thanks