Looking to buy conan for $19.99 in microsoft store for Xbox series S

so i am really wanting to buy conan exiles cause i really love survival games like Ark, but me and my brother play ark on splitscreen and there is a tether but it was not to bad just kept dieing from raptors so quit playing, i am wondering if the tether is bad on solo/coop or lag cause heard stuff about it. my brother is gonna be playing on a original xbox one and i will be playing on a xbox series s and connecting on same network with 500mb/s speeds, and that comes to my conclusion is it worth buying to play with my brother?

If I remember correctly it’s due to go on game pass at the end of the month, so maybe just wait for that (if you have game pass). It’s been a while since I last tried co-op because I don’t like any sort of tether but thankfully there are good PVE servers available.

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Conan Exiles on Game Pass May 27th

There IS a tether in co-op. It can be bad. The main character can drag the other player around by the tether should the two get separated by enough distance. Though you can generally enter admin mode and extend the tether distance, it still is not enough to separately explore the map in my experience. If you two always stay relatively close, it works okay on the PC side.

I do not know if this is an option with xbox, but you might be able to set up a hardware server on your LAN that both xbox could connect to?

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