Looking to populate the server - Honest fun, Pvp. No Rules


Hello everyone! Here today to ask those that are still interested in PvP to come to our server and give it a shot - It’s a private server and I know how people feel about private servers… just give it a shot and you wont be disappointed. It doesn’t come with all these rules, no need to fear the admin from kicking you because you raided someone or stole someone’s horse…which I heard that has happened… like wtf?

It’s run by good people, we’ve played with them and that’s what lead to the server, having to abandon a server because of exploiters and toxic individuals. Landspam is acceptable, exceeding way past your base point is not, and using exploits won’t be tolerated - Play the game as it were intended!! Here to have honest fun!

Their were 8 of us when the server was created and broke off into clans of 2. So we could raid each other and have fun. Those that are new will receive a starter kit if you’d like, to help you get started. And don’t hold back because of that nice gesture. We want a pvp server! with honest fun!

Server Name: Hope -
Population - Low
Right now there are 11/40 people on the server and the majority of clans are pairs of 2

The clan size will be increased to 8 - as it stands currently, it’s max clan size is 3.

Thank you for your time and hope to see you there!