Love pvp? We're recruiting! Official PvP PS4

Hey what’s up ladies and gents!!!
If you love pvp this post may interest you. My clan and I are recruiting for an active pvp server. We already have a base established and are at war and need more soldiers… but soldiers that understand farming is apart of the game as well. Currently we have 5 people. 2 casuals and 3 serious people. It seems our enemies have recruited everyone in the server except our allies. Which brings me here. We can compete with the odds. With more killers we can not only win the battle but the war as well. We know how to powerlevel you so it’s not an issue. Looking for decently experienced pvp’rs. You dont have to be a god at pvp… but because we’re at war this wouldn’t be the place for a new player to “learn to pvp” ( nothing personal). Adults only. If interested message MrSm0kin (the “0” is the number zero) or MediocerSpeller for more info.
Server is east coast raid times.

Thank you for your time and have fun!


As a tribe that just finished a 2 month war where we were in the same situation, good luck to you. Don’t lose hope.

Appreciate it, this past weekend was quiet… but the one prior it was 18 of them vs 7 of us ( allies included) … they got nothing and wasted 5 hours of their life but we continue to hold strong. We aren’t trolls or trying to get “alpha” status. Just trying to get a lil pvp in. 18vs7 is fun… but ridiculous sometimes. As I mentioned before. We handle the odds well. Just trying to finish this off. We’re about a month into the war now


Where do I sign up?

Lol welcome to to forums bro

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