Looking to start a Clan at Release

Hi all,
Reincarnation has been playing Early Access and looking for players to join us for the launch. We are going to be on Official PvP US/EST

*We ask for maturity, and the ability to handle constructive criticism.
*Be a part of the Clan and the community.
*Listen to the Officers
*Respect your Clan

  • If you wish to join our Clan just send me a message!


Hi Deathdeity! I have been playing only on a PvE server so far. I played some when the game first went into beta where you could play. I tried the game out but got frustrated and I did not give the game enough of a chance then and quit playing. However, I recently came back to try it again and have really been enjoying it. I live in the USA and play in the EST time zone. I have played online games for 18 years now. I have not been a hardcore PvP player although I have done some PvP in various online games. I have not tried PvP in this game yet, but it sounds like it could be pretty fun! I do not claim to be really skilled at PvP just to let you know in advance, but I do listen to directions and like to try to get better. I have Discord if your clan uses it, but I do not have a mic. I can listen to voice chat for the clan when needed though. I would likely be interested in joining your clan and see how things go from there. Currently I play on PvE Official server #404 and my character name is Fireheart. Please reply back here when possible and also anytime you see me on the server I am on. What is the name of the server you play on now and what is your character name if you don’t mind me asking? I’m in hopes if I try a PvP server in Early Access soon, maybe I could start a character on your server. That way I could get to know the existing clan better as well. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon!

Hey Conan74 I will send you a message with the discord channel. Thank you for your interest in Reincarnation.

If you need a leader, let me know.

I do need a war general operations specialist who focuses on leading the clan in the right direction.

I’ve been leading people in the right direction for about 1500 hours.

hey deathdeity if your still looking for players me and a 2 others are looking for a clan to join we’ve played since early access so got a abit of xp add me on steam if your up for a chat about recruiting us :slight_smile: steam ID arkon28

Looking to join

i have over 2k hours played all i like to do is farm if their is a spot for me my brother and i would like to join if its a pvp 1x server. Steam is Callie i think :expressionless:

Sorry for responding so late. If you are still looking for a clan I will see you in the discord channel tonight at 6pm eastern.