Loosing name ingame

CLIP from forum / AO page
"Can I reserve my name on the new server?

Name reservations are not available on this server."

so this aint accurate? people can claim their name? loggin today to game and my name was changed to Defaultxxxx

… im BIT confused

You couldn’t claim your name in advance, but if you’ve had your name a long time on the live server, you can make a ticket at help.funcom.com and they will help you :slight_smile:

Your confusion seems to come from the term “reservation”. Reservation means to save something before the time it is to be used. In this case, it means to save your name before the server becomes active.

As for the reason your name was changed, there has been some trouble recently where players have created toons on the RK2019 server using the names of established toons on the LIVE server and then impersonating the players of said toons. FC has stated that they will assist players in reclaiming their name in some cases if asked. It’s possible that you have inadvertently taken the name of an established LIVE toon, and the player of that toon has requested it.

There also a possibility that your name was offensive and was reported.

If you think this was done in error, you can try submitting a ticket to support and making a case for return of the name. Alternatively, you can at least request your name changed to something different from defaultxxxx.

At least semi-decent answer. (yes Saa, read question before post)
Still question remains “stated” where? forum AND ao page says no name reservations. What other way FC makes statements?

I know i take taken name but i NEVER tried impersonate, neither even chat in public.

Worst part is that name just changed, i should be happy be now just Defaultxxx? /Tell with instructions how rename would be even… decent? SInce everywhere is sayed NO NAME RESERVATIONS?

No, i wont make ticket. according this forum there is too many who cannot even play so i wont delay my fellow payin customers.

ah yes, i have only 1 payed account atm.

Maybe that makes it.

I think OP is confusing the meaning of reserve. This reserve is intended to be like, you can’t hold on to it before you make the character, but DOES NOT mean that you aren’t entitled to have the name you have already had. This game is pretty old, and many people have had the same name for 10-15 years. To not have that name on the new server would be like a slap in the face.