Name change waiting for a week

Hello, ive sent a petition for a name change and I’ve been waiting a week with no answer. Name is R2785467216.

– edit –
Petition answered, name changed. Please lock thread.

Hi an welcome.
U don’t need to send a petition.

/name help
Than ull see some commands u can enter into the chat to change ur first name, last name and ur character name. I used this too… Took 2 days
U can also check with /name status how far it is

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Well i think it kind of depends which server you play on.

I was very much surprised that my first and last name requests were processed in just a few hours without a petition on RK2019.

On the old server however, any name change requests haven’t worked for me without a petition in the past 10 years at least, maybe more. And even with petition it has taken anything between a few days and a month before the new name was applied.

So it seems that they take some things more seriously on the new server, but i would still petition if the name change doesn’t happen in reasonable time after submitting it.

I’m on old RK and of course I’ve used the /name nick command without success that’s why I’ve submitted a petition.

they will only answer name changes for paid accounts, if its a froob it won’t get answered.

@hungrygamer I don’t think this is true. I presume you’re refering to this post which says support will no longer help froobs with things like accidental deletion of items, tradeskill mistakes, accidental purchases etc. I interpret this as refering to problems that are caused by lack of knowledge of game mechanics or a slip of attention on the player’s part, but not bugs.
I personally hope they will offer full support for everyone again once they’re through the current support backlog, but I think name changes are still supported right now.

no this has just been my own experience with name changes. they don’t happen on my froobs, but will happen on my paid accounts. That said I haven’t tried doing a name change in years.