Merge Character Name Change Service NOT working

Long time returning player, I have some merge toons that has the generic R123454567 type name, so I went ahead and used the Merge Character Name Change Service. All looks good, except, the actual renaming is NOT performed when I log out.

I also created a petition ingame about it, It has stood unanswered for a week now. Is there noone actually working to address petitions?

[Name-Request]: [Merge Character Name Change Service] You have submitted a request for a name change. Your new character’s name will be “thenewname”. If this is correct please log out for 5 minutes while we submit your name change request. If “thenewname” is NOT correct, simply type /name nick [newname] again to select another name. Please note that once you have logged out and your name change is processed you will not be able to use this service again.

So the functionality is there, it’s just NOT working, please fix!


I know for sure the normal paid name change works since I did it last month, but can’t really answer about the merge name changing, havent tried changing name on a character below level 20 in ages either.

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