Might I suggest a special naming convention for player's characters post merge

Since, all of the characters on Saga server are going to be merged into Crom, which already is jam packed full of inactive or active players using just about every variation of every name. Is it possible to put a special flag that allows players to keep their names. Something like * Name *, or !Name! or >Name< or </Name/> (minus the /) or some other character that is not typically allowed. It would be a good way of showing off for those who played on Saga and allow everyone to keep their chosen names come merger day. Just an idea.


Forget that, they need to start allowing ø, ô, õ, æ, å, ě, ü, ï, and so on you get he gist.


Well why don’t they just give the saga characters priority if they are of a higher level or the char on crom hasn’t logged in for 5+ years?


I hope not, i dont wanna grind l80 toon on crom for to get free name change for saga toon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would like that idea, being able to use the alt code, to have the proper spelling of my names

No thank you. I deliberately named my character the same as one I already have on Crom so that was easy for my friends who are scattered across the world in many guilds to know it was me. Fully expecting that I would rename her upon merge. I do not want to be FORCED by funcom to keep that name with some special character around it …having to pay for a name change to get rid of them.

I have never found it difficult to get a unique name similar to what I want it to be, just a slightly different spelling or extra letter that doesn’t affect how it is said …you want Arthur but that is taken… try Arthurr …artthur…arthuer … arthuar …


I agree that adding the extra characters and just making you live with it wouldn’t be a good way of doing it.

@Evito’s suggestion has been made quite a few times and would actually be pretty nice. Funcom would just need to give plenty of warning to people inactive for years so they could come back and preserve their character names if they really wanted to.

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That too. However, special characters I mentioned should be added too simply because chef look cool, like ø

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I wish they cleared the old toons’ names, the ones ppl don’t play for years, so we could actually put a decent name instead of multiple letters and weird ones. I’m known for a name that is taken by someone who probably played once many years ago in a different server before the merges, since then my toons have crappy names.

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I had that issue on Crom and simply asked the online support and they fixed it (a toon below lvl 80 that hadn’t logged in ~5 years - checked with Conan Chat - was holding my name). Which reminds me there’s another name I want to claim back in a similar fashion.

Sweet, didn’t know that was possible, thx

I support this idea a lot since I never liked the single name and no special character rules put in from the start.

A name like Ka’tia should be allowed.

So wait,if i created a Saga char and play here till 80 and waste my &&& time , Funcom will change my name in 32343544 when they will merge servers? Is it correct?

Yes. However when they force a change on you by adding those numbers on your character name, you can change it for free to something else. From memory you do not even need to send a petition in order to do the change.

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well,if they let me change my name and they don’t force me to keep those special characters into , then i’m good. :slight_smile: Thanks for clearing.