Saga character question

What level do you have to hit to be able to get your saga character merged to other server at the end?

All saga characters will be merged. We have no plans to leave any behind. :slight_smile:


A lot of free-to-play people are asking if the Saga character/slot will be locked or unlocked on their account when it is moved to Crom.
@christa An answer from Funcom would be appreciated on this if you are permitted instead of player speculation.

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I got four Characters to 80 in Zath (active paid for games)

But I have other things to do in life and left my F2Ps on beach, I think when one asks the question, are they allowed to be transfer, some person might communicate: Yes; but if you are not 20th level, the slot will not be available though.

10 days before end of Zath, it tells us: you need to be 20th level, what a shame I have other things to do with my life, ah; paint the house, do the garden, the list is endless, or is it, but it certainly is not: play AoC every hour of the day for the rest of my life.

Off-topic; to dictate to a player how they should play their game is bad-manners; example: I will and have never played Raid-finder, I stopped doing raids years ago, though I have raid-leadered for a couple of years and just got sick of it! So to force a player to do these things or they cannot get at that dangling carrot on the end of the stick, is non-polite.

(On Crom, because I just cannot be bother with my time being wasted creating another post and really do not want to be posting this one, as I expect it to be ignored).

10th anniversary gift. A gift is given freely or it is not a gift, this affects the raid-finder tragedy, that if you not do it, you not get it policy, again, bad-mannered! I been playing this game for 9 years 6 month. I plan to play it for longer, so stop telling me how to play it!

Wait let me get this straight. You have 4 paid accounts, multiple f2p accounts, enough time to get 4 characters to 80 during the saga event. Yet you now don’t have time to level a character to 20 and have to paint the house. Your obviously a dedicated player if your willing to do all that but complaining you don’t have time to get a character to 20 is on you not funcom. What a ridculous complaint.

The point of the server was to replay through the game with a character and progress through the saga quest to get special rewards. Not to farm additional character slots for multiple accounts which I can only assume you are not ever going to play.


While they did say “any behind”, a level 20 minimum is not asking for a lot as that would take about 2-3 hours for a person that knows the game and 5-6 for a new player.

Really cannot understand why someone with many accounts would complain, what is the point of so many accounts? If you paid for a sub on 4 of them it means you could have created every class x 4 already.

Even with your 4 lvl 80s on Zath, you will still have 4 character slots on Crom to play, thats 8 different classes, plus however many other free characters slots from your F2P accounts. You can play every class already, why the complaint?

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