Saga Server Guilds

I would like a definitive answer to the question: are guilds going to be transferred to Crom on May 15th?
I think players who took part in this server including my self deserve a clear response to a very basic question in my opinion. There seems to be a good deal of confusion about this matter on the server itself.

I only want answers from GMs or anyone connected with the development of the game not, opinions, guesses, hopes, aspirations, rumours passed on from player to player, by any other player.



I would like an answer to this question also. What will happen to items/money in guild banks also.

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An answer to an email I sent some weeks ago…


Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Support!

Once Zath merges with Crom the guilds should remain intact with all of their members.

In our case the guild name on Saga is the same as it is on Crom so I wonder what will happen with the name. I may just alter the Saga guild name the day before the merge but I assume all resources will be transferred too but admit to having no info from FC regarding this.

The email ended by advising me to keep an eye on the forums.

In past server merges, the guilds from the servers that were merged would have the tag “Guild X - Legacy of Saga”. I’d expect that would happen here as well.

Pretty much this. Guild names on Saga of Zath that conflict with guilds on Crom at the time of the transfer will receive “[Legacy of Zath]” added to the name.