Once Saga merges with Crom (Guild City Question)?

I am concerned about cities created in the Saga servers merging with Crom.

With the merging of the American server (I am in UK), the city instances were shuffled, this annoyed me for 6 month before I could play again properly as the neighbouring city’s folk had been easy to play with. Them they were gone and new folk appear, I was quite happy with last lot, who have faded in time now! This also creates a fear that those who I have tried to cope with over last few years will again be shunted and a new crowd will arrive!

I really am looking for some confirmation that this will not happen again, that new city instances will be added to end of Crom instances lists and not in amongst them (Shuffled)? Leaving instance with full actives city to stay as they are.

Surprisingly everyone I ran into or even grouped with has been pretty good. Change does keep things interesting!
I would be more concerned about the possibility that us Fury folk get relocated to Crom! :rofl:


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I highly doubt Funcom is going to merge guilds or cities. It will likely just be a pure character transfer like if you moved from Fury to Crom.

Bear: I comprehend change, but at age of 52, constant change becomes annoying! At least for me…

Piankhi: I hope your right; I have never done a character transfer, so do not know how that works.

I am genuinly curious: In which situations would you get annoyed by any other guilds in the same instance as your guild city is in? You can not even see which guild it is, the only thing that can happen is farming in the same instance, but as anyone can enter the instance this is totally not connected to who has the guild city in the same instance.

But my question is kind of the same: What happens to guild cities on Saga after the merge with Crom? Will it be a real merge, will we keep our cities? A GM told me the guild city slots might be nearly full on Crom, if that is the case are you considering cleaning them up and deleting abandoned cities? There are so many instances in which you only see one or two houses.

Well if you had taken time to think about it, it would save me time typing this, but if some person is an annoying fool, I rather not interact with them and there is plenty on AoC! So, once you interact with reasonable folk, it allows for a person to relax, not think about reaching through the computer screen and tearing some person’s heart out!

That is what /ignore is for.

I did think very hard about it - and I can not come up with any situation where you have to interact with anyone just because his or her guild city happens to be in the same instance as yours. There is no situation whatsoever. If you had taken time to think about it, and read my post and question carefully, you would have saved some time not typing again what causes my question, but to just answer it. Yes, fools are annoying, but in which situations would you even interact with someone just because his or her guild city is in the same instance? Exept from farming the same nods, but in this case it would have noting to do with guild city instances, becasue anyone can enter any instance anyway. It is not like there is any forced neighbourly interaction. In fact if you do not camp the other guild cities or activly ask people you see in the instance you can not even know to which guild the city belongs to.

Farming the same node is the truth and one can not ignore them…

And yes, I still resent Funcom allowing those who are not of the guild city to farm in any instance, as I mention on another post I was in game six month after game creation and have not left it since, Funcom had no right to open the city instance to any than those who belong to cities and I over the last 9+ years can tell the difference between those not in any of the guild city on my land as I know who they are (though lost one friendly guild when merging with American server), they are not strangers and are polite to my guilds activates, so I prefer them to stay and not get a new lot to get to know.

There is hover commands that tell people who are in guilds (and their names, if any) and if they not from the two other cities on my land, they are either F2P or those from larger guilds that find it easy to farm smaller guild lands (and are bad mannered for the want the big guild for raids, but it not suit them for collecting mats).

F2Ps are ruining the collecting element of game as they are like vulture looking for a piece of the meat after one had taken the effort to kill the beast, they are lazy, not getting their own city and getting away with it, because Funcom is letting them believe bad manners is normal.

As Conan would say, civilised people think bad manners in normal, but in Cimmeria, they get a broken neck!

The Secret Art of City Building; Part I:

  1. First find two friends (or one. see below).

  2. Second create guild, 5 at least, this involves, inviting each other char to guild, easy done. In my first attempt FC had allowed 8 char plus normal invites as usual, but they could not leave Tortage. Note: if going for Purple Lotus Swamps; you need only 3 guilds as they are only two cities locations in PLS.

  3. Get to 40 level for each guild leader…

  4. Pick a secluded night (or take a chance through the daylight hours) with you and your friends ready to create a cities location instance. We are in UK so before merger with Americans, this is nearly the last country to west, so night-time was better. Once merger arrived, we waited time Christmas night, should be not one person creating cities at that time, at least it would be for us then! (The merger shunted one of my friend’s city into a different instance, cheers FC and we planned again, my city had just created my T3 keep. I now working on my T3 Tradepost now in a new city instance with my two friends, etc.).

  5. Create city location, one after the other quickly. If one or two are in different instance, use the second Guild leader Char and relog quickly to them and create city instance. (First attempt, only need 4 guilds, second attempt, got first time with each guild in same instance, that was a relief).

  6. This result should mean you have 3 cities in one instance, belong to you and your friends.

Of course with FC betrayal of our rights to keep guild city only for those in guild, they allow the bad mannered to win and say it for social interaction, but we know best, it is allowed for F2P to have a better time than those paying for the game.

I have four active Games (one Account = 10 Games), each active from 9 to 7 years ago, I think people paying for game should have more rights, but as stated FC thinks differently?

Now you know why I am concerned if they are going to ruin my fun again!

You need 24 chars in a guild to book a guild city spot. I can not see how your steps can help nowadays.
You can see on a char which guild it is in, but you can not see to which guild a city belongs to.
Ok, yes, you are actually raging because you do not want to see other players around your city (if they are not mannered). With which you do not have to interact in any kind. Crazy stuff. There is no fun anyone can ruin. Pehaps just…don’t talk to them?

You do keep a guild city just for those in the guild. But every instance of the guild city realms can be entered by anyone. That is 1. for farming reasons, because a new instance needs up to 33 minutes to fill nodes, and people just switch instances to find full nodes, depending on what they are farming and (in a solo guild you can not know this - but 50+ people from the same guild farming in the same instance is not working) 3. for crafting and questing reasons, so that guildless people or people whos guild city is in a different country can enter, and farm nodes and npcs and buy crafting material and do their quests, and 3. for social reasons, so you can invite friends to your guild city, and so guilds can show of megalithes etc. to bypassers.

Beeing F2P has nothing, absolutly NOTHING to with guilds. A F2P can create a guild, own a guild, lead a guild, be in a guild, be guildless, as a paying player can too. There is no connection whatsoever between “not beeing in a guild” and “beeing a F2P”. You are mixing up things here that have nothing to do which each other, and building chains of cause that simple do not exist. This alone tells that regardless how long you play or how much you paid you do not know basic game mechanics. There is no betrayl of rights or F2P having a better time. Crazy stuff.

Question: What will happen to guild cities on Saga after the merge (will it be a real merge) with Crom?

ahhh No just characters.

Hi, did I miss a reply from Funcom with regards to what happens to guild cities, guilds and battle keeps for that matter established in Saga when the server is closed?
The answer has implications for the Crom battle keeps, and guilds.
Also it will inform the Saga community as to the value of investing time into building a guild on Saga if it will all be lost upon server closure,

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Based on past merges, I would assume guild cities, guilds, etc will transfer over with the tag “Guild Name X - Legacy of Saga” or something like that.

The question is if it even is a real merge, or just copying chars over to Crom.

There was a situation when servers were merged (Rage, Fury?) and guild cities were not part of the merge/copying process, but in that situation guild leaders were given all the ressources they invested on the old server, so they could build up a “new” city right away to the point their “old” city was.

This is a crucial question for the communities inside the guilds right now.

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What will happen to the guild cities on Saga?

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So? :smiley:

I get that most people see that it goes without saying that only characters wlll get transfered but till they say otherwise I have hope! From what I read technology to simply merge two servers is there so…you know maybe they will just decide to merge two servers.

Even thou ye ye saga info states that characters will get transfered and not that two servers will merge.

But in that case why not just give all guilds fully upgraded city from start? Why force us to grind mats to build it when it will be just deleted along with saga server?
Everything else we grind out will transfer to Crom.

Yes they have been merging servers since shortly after launch. I would imagine that they are quite good at it but since there has not been any official word on moving Guilds we will have to wait and see.

As far as the Cities go I agree the Grind is too much and it hurts smaller Guilds by linking Crafting to your City Tier. It has been a very long time since we completed our Tier 3 City but I will never forget the grind. :scream:

Ideally I think they should all start out as a keep and as you progress through Renown Levels things are added and upgraded, taking care to allow crafting to be viable for smaller Guilds.

IMO, it’s not worth building a guild city past T1 on Saga anyway. Now especially with Funcom being silent and the general impression most have that guild cities will NOT transfer, there’s no reason to build past T1.

For reference, I’m in one of the top progression raiding guilds (Rogue Angels) and we stopped building our city once it was T1, hell I don’t even think we put up many walls to keep the riffraff out!

We (Mitra) have member who like to gather ressources, build and craft, it is part of their way to play the game. We wanted to get Alchemietower II, but even now we like the idea of having a common goal, and see how far we can get (Without walls. Walls are awefull). Gathering, crafting, building, low level dungeons, purist, achivements, certain quests, khitai factions, etc., all of that are different ways to love and play the game, there is not only the “one way progression raiding saga quest completionist”. We as a guild like to support all of that for our member.
And because this Saga Server is PVE, building a guild city kind of fits. It can be a vital part of inguild activity, and a good guild life is very good for the game, as it keeps people in the game, and hopefully staying past Saga on Crom, too. There is no need to jugde something as “not wort doing”, if other people like to do it, only because it does not fit your own personal playstile. It is healthy for the game, and that makes it value to Funcom.

So again, for our community the question is crucial. The issue has been passed on to Mussagana, and I hope he can get an answer from higher above, if needed. If the merging process does not allow to bring the cities to Crom there are more creativ ways to ensure a guild starts on Crom with what it has left on Saga, as I said.

(On a future PVE oriented Saga Server I would always vote for a full, or renown progressing, or whatever guild city, as you need a T3 keep to claim a battle keep.)

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