New guilds forming, have questions about guild city instances

Greetings everyone.

So, a small group of guildies and I came back for Saga to give the game another go round. After playing for around 2 months, a bunch of us not only decided to stay, but we have managed to get over 30 more people to come back as well with more tossing around the idea of doing the same and are now thinking about the idea of getting 2 guilds going, one for PvE/Raiding and another for RPing.

So, I have a question(s) about guild city instances that I could not find via a general search on the old forums or via a search engine.

How can we get both of our guild cities into the SAME instance?

If one guild reserves a city space, do we get to choose the instance? Will the choices say if there are already other cities in that instance to make our selection easier? If we can reserve a spot in an instance that will have another open space, is there an easy way to get someone from the other guild into that instance to reserve their spot?

Hmm, just found out that our old guild from when the game came out is still there on some of our old characters, including our partially made city.

So, now I have another question that I cannot find an answer to via searching…can a formed city be destroyed/abandoned so we can pick a different instance?

Some other people might actually know the answers to these questions, but you can also try a petition in game and ask some GM’s if they know.


This may help you…it might not …but the link below is how one player described how he and his friends get their instances into the same one. (note: he is mistaken about the number of people required to book a city spot …needs 24 guild members to reserve a space)

So create city location and prey? :sob: :face_vomiting:

I logged into my original characters, as a guild leader I found no way of “removing” our city…does this mean once created, you are stuck where you are or does this require a complete disbanding of the guild to remove the city location? Ugh, would really hamper our RPing if our cities are in different locations.

You would think a Funcom GM would be able to get 2 newly created guilds into the same city instance, it’s not like tons of guilds are being created constantly nowdays.

you cannot destroy a guild city. and there in no point doing so actually. just form a new guild if you want a new city. also i do not see why you would need several cities unless for rp guild name reasons. i suggest you keep the current city so you don’t have to farm materials for a new one and you also save the renown bonuses it gives you.

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Yeah its for RPing reasons. Wouldnt form a second guild if it werent the case but its something we have been doing for a very long time. We like to dedicate guilds to specific aspects of the game if we have enough players that want to focus on it.

More often than not we end up with a PvE, PvP and an RP guild. Having both in the same instance helps the RPers RP with members of the other guild for guild city events or if they happen to be in the guild zone and we know that even if we manage to get more people to come that are into PvP, they wont want to share their instance with us as they will want to compete against other PvPers in city raids.

Also, farming for materials to rebuild is not an issue. Its more losing the rank even though its lowish.

the pvp cities are the battle keeps. a guild city cannot be attacked. you need a t3 guild city keep to be able to claim a battle keep i think. there are only 8 battle keeps for the whole server.

Really? I thought they made it so if you build a T3, you can be attacked?!? Been a long time since ive read up on the PvP aspect since I dont do it.

Cappa is right, you need a T3 keep to be able to claim a battlekeep. The battlekeeps are in the 3 PvP zones, and need to be build up seperately with PvP ressources.

More than one guild will split your renown, and the higher renown levels are hard to get, you need a ton of points. Note that there is even a cap per cycle, so you can not farm renown endlessly. Because of this cap it is kind of artificially slowed down, depending on the length of the cycle, which depends on the server restarts. So one cycle you will not come even close to the cap, and in the next one you might blow precious renown into thin air because you got capped.
With two guild cities you will not only need twice the amount of ressources (T3 needs ~420000), but you will not have access to T3 crafting, quests and buffs. Focusing on one guild city you might eventually be able to get at least some of the benefits in a reasonable time. But even with one city think years, not months.

Another idea is to buy cities and try to get some in the same instance. And you can destroy a guild city, but that means just deleting buildings (you will not get the ressources back), or kicking everyone and then leaving it. Which will be the same result as destroying it.

thanks for the info but you may have made things worse as now our PvPers will want a city with ours since they wont lose out on PvPing lol…damnit…

As for renown, we can easily cap in our PvE guild as we can come close to doing it already with the people that are already playing, once the new people hit lvl 80 and can raid with the rest of us, it will be cake. The RPers wont care because it isnt tied to RPing, only thing that will matter haivng the city with us.

Yes, your PvPers will need the “best” guild city (they will want it not only for the battlekkep option, but for some buyable items). Keep in mind that the person who coordinates your PvP sieges etc. will need to have leadership rights in the guild.

For RPers a higher guild city is very interesting, because you will get access to special places, a cool social and interactive room, quests, and, of course, vanity gear, mounts, pets, and some decorative quests depending on the level. Especially the vanity is awesome and unique.

Sorry, no native speaker here, perhaps I did not explain that part good enough, or I do not understand you. Beeing capped means you can not gather renown that adds to the progression of your renown levels past e certain numper of points (in each of the 3 sections of renown). The renown you get after the cap, after the gathering is “stopped” will only count in the guild rankings, but it will belost for your progression. I do not know the exact number of points from the top of my head…I think 50.000.000 is the cap for valor. That means that if you are a active guild it is very good to spread your activities over all 3 (valor, pvp and crafting) and have all of that in one guild, otherwise you will loose many points even though you are active.

Re: PvP and guild cities …isn’t there a PvP arena area in Khemi that is only accessible when your guild has a certain reknown rank? I don’t know if you can fight your guild mates in it or not.

More awesome info, thank you.

Our RPers will end up making gathering items and building their city a part of their RPing as they have done in the past and if we do end up getting enough PvPers to come over to warrent their own guild, they will be supported by our other guilds in building their city.

Many of us have played together since Ultima Online back in 1997, many others joined up just a few years later with EverQuest and Asherons Call, the rest that I know are coming have been with us at least 10 years so we know our habits and wants and even though we may have different guild “names” we are all under the same umbrella and will still be together.

As for the renown, I thought there was a weekly cap? If its character cap and its crazy high like 50 million per character…lol, we will be fine as each guild will have 20+ active people in it. I personally cannot play 1 single character constantly so will have at least 2 alts I can eventually max out which means I could get 150 million renown on my own which is enough for level 8, toss in 3 more people doing the same and thats 600m which is almost enough for lvl 17.

So, over 20 people playing is enough to get to renown 20. :+1:

@Kwalya, yes, of course, you are right!
So bottom line - regardless which aspect of the game they favor the most, all players benefit from a highlevel guild city. Do not underestemate the time, ressources and renown that is required to progress witha guild city. T1 and 2 is easy, up to Lvl 10 is okish, after that it gets ugly.
Here is a link to an awesome source for the ressources (PvE and PvP)

I think the individual reknown cap per cycle is 2million per type (Valor, artistry, glory) but will need others to confirm this. It was 2million back in 2014-2015 when reknown earned was not resetting each week when guild reknown ranks were recalculated.
Note: placing buildings and decorations do not get counted against an individuals cap but give artistry reknown to the guild. Crafting the building materials do count towards an individuals cap.

Recently Funcom changed when guild reknown rankings were calculated and said they have fixed the link to the rankings page on their website which had been broken since about 2013???
Has the reknown reset been fixed with this or still broken? It’s been a while since I checked.

You misunderstood. The cap I mean is not per character, but per “kind of renown” (valor, artistry, glory), per guild. It used to be weekly, but as the whole guild city and renown system is old code it has been broken for years, and the cap is reseted only with a real server restart. The cap per character is 2.000.000.
Getting to lvl 20 with 20 players, focusing on only one part of the renown, will take…oh boy, I could do the math…but…years.
To give you an idea: We are currently the guild with the most renown and activity on Saga, and we are only 20% into Lvl 10 right now. Of course the cap slowed us down a lot. We have very active crafters, and we still build the city, have at least 6 in-guild raids a week, and almost the same amount of charakters raiding with different raidforces, and 70-90 characters online at prime time, half of them running dungeons constantly when not raiding. I do not tell you this to lessen your enthusiasm, but to give you a realistic idea about the time you will need, the reason why splitting your focus between cities gives you huge disadvantages in AoC, and that not using your old city is not a wise idea.

Btw, you can try to just buy a city, many players are holding old, unused cities.

Thanks for the concern, there is little concern from us about this as we have thought about the rankings already.

there are 17 of us already playing and at 80 on Saga that have been trying to do full raids on our own, several more are near level 70 and of course a lot more are just starting. Many of us play at the same time so full guild raids wont be a problem for the PvE guild and I know a lot of us will grind for materials when we need a break or have extra non-raid time…the RPers though are insane and I know they have a group of people that have done nothing but gather all day long in other games ( I think some of them actually do it at work lol)…since most of us are very long time friends and we play to play together, we have always freely given what is needed if someone needs it so materials/money will flow freely between us.

I have no doubt that our RPers will be giving the PvE guild materials to not only build their city, but also help them raise crafting type renown so we can cap that to raise our guild rank just as the PvE guild will supply them with whatever they need like help getting valor or whatever.

For us, it isnt a race to the top, its if we have fun getting there or not.

I am not concerned, I just wanted to get the numbers straight(er), because I gave you a totally wrong impression.
Yes, it seems odd to me that you plan to vaste a precious and hard to generate thing like renown by splitting your members activity between different guilds, even more if you plan to have them switching guilds anyway. But it is totally up you, I just thought some facts might help you.
Like: Content is tide to guild levels, having fun along the journey is of course the only way to do it - but fun fades once you realise how long it will take. I do not know the exact factor by which the points for the next level are higher than for the one befor, perhaps it is even exponentially, I do not remember. From the numbers of members you are talking about here I just know that it will be a very very much longer way than you think it is. I roughly did the math: 3,5 years for one guild is possible. If you want to I can look deeper into this. So befor spreading your activities to widely because you did not know better, and ending up with 3 cities that do not give any of your groups access to their desired content, you might want to think about testing one guild first, or gather more information that helps you decide if you want to check out first if AoC is a game where you can just do what you always do, organize the way you always do, or if it is a game where you might want to adapt to the ingame mechanics and logics. Like, a guild benefits the most from active members in all categories. This is something that devides this game from many others: Synergy and teamplay will always get you further than any other thing.

About the instances, a petition or the live chat will give you the best answers.