What will happen to saga char name after merge in this particular case?

Hi, I wanted just to know what will happen, a char with a name on Saga, but in Crom the same name does not exist and it cannot be created because it says: name already taken, but there is noone who has it, maybe because on Crom that name is banned with no chance for creating it by anyone for policy reason. So after merge will be forced to rename it?

If you think the character name does not exist on Crom, but upon transfer you are told you have to change it …then before changing it - I strongly urge you to contact Funcom customer service / Game master so they can investigate why.

GMs have resolved naming conflicts for other players, so do not give up until you get feedback from them …but recognise they are likely to be rather busy come 15 May.

Thank you Kwayla I will try that

Chances are there is someone with the name that you want, but it is an inactive player of a lengthy time, in which you can send a petition to Funcom to see if they will free it up. I would probably do this now before the saga server merges into Crom.

If you wait until the saga ends and you get that, and you’re sure theres no active player with the name you want, I would suggest doing as Kwalya said.