Great planification FC

You serious? Cant u warn us with at least 24h that server will open? And names not account bound? I lost the nane i had for 15+ years cuz lack of planification. I logged and see the arrival hall, cant be renamed to multibox hall… this is a joke

Good job

Hi Forz my old friend! :slight_smile:

Indeed you have been around like me for a long long while… and indeed like many old players you should have been entitled to the use of your existing names or at least one.

The issue is that in a highly social game like AO and as old as AO AND where reputations matter a lot (there is no MMO combining those three factors as much as AO does), a well-known and respected name is extremely important.

There is obviously a serious mistake in the event design there. I feel sorry for you and for everyone else, faithful AO players, who will experience the same thing.

Some people already told me that without their long-used name, and worse with thei long-used names taken by someone else, they will not play on the new server.

That’s a waste of good people. I don’t undertand why it was not possible to reserve at least one name to save honorable names.

And I don’t evne mention ORGANIZATION NAMES that can be hacked too…

Side note: Athen Paladins on the New server is the real one. :slight_smile:

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Hey, y’all! Sorry for the frustration over names. Please feel free to visit and submit a ticket specifically for “AO2019 Name Recovery”. We are trying to help with some name recoveries.


Will do. Thanks :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Thank you, Christa, on the behalf of all who couldn’t use their names (or will discover it sometimes soon). :slight_smile:

I’ll pass the word around in Athen Paladins, in our Alliance’s 22 orgs, and everywhere I can.


I was looking foward to the new server as well but since i have a job i couldn’t just hop in when they opened them up. In fact i would only be able to start in a few days time wich is a major turn off. That was a remarkably stupid descision on Funcoms part.

Furthermore i just heard that characters will get deleted after a year so i’m going to have to pass. Every game that has a season system like this will transfer the character over to the regular game after the season ends. I will not invest any time in something that has a time limit attached to it. Another terrible descision.

On another note i’ve noticed a severe lack of coverage and i don’t mean gaming websites i mean forums and imageboards. So you couldn’t even be bothered to send like 10 or so people to shill your game on several community hubs?

Why is this game 18 Euro a month again?

Verdict: Great idea, terrible execution in every way possible.


I fully agree with you Forz. I tried to get the name I have had for years as well (ownsauce) and found it was taken. Today, I found out that it was taken by an Omni advy who not only stole my name, but had been attempting to impersonate me. Even going so far as to reference my shade and org I’m in (athen paladins - Hi Chris!). I questioned him when I found out and the response I got was “tough crap kid” as he logged out.

I submitted a ticket as well, but man is that a frustrating thing to have happen. You spend a mind numbing amount of time on a reputation only for someone to attempt to steal it and/or drag your name through the mud.

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Not deleted. Merged into main server.

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If the server closes, what happens to my character?

If the server does end, characters do not carry over from RK2019 to the original server.

Where did you get that information? Everything I read said that chars will be merged into account on main RK server.

I want to know if that’s true. If so, I’m done with this server immediately.

Edit - I read the FAQ again. All characters on this server will be wiped when it closes. I am crushed as I was having a great time. But, I’m not wasting hundreds of hours just to see a character deleted.

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Also stated in the FAQ, nothing is firm. They will keep server up as long as there is demand. TBH there is more demand on this server than old server.

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