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I would like to put a brief account here:

Conan exiles is a game of extreme potential, but funcom doesn’t seem to be concerned with essential things for any game, I recently discovered that the game allows players to create characters with exactly the same name, this can cause tons of problems for the player as for example building in an inappropriate place, or even looking for problems with other players in the chat, two measures need to be taken by funcom urgently:

1 - Prevent the creation of nicknames that already exist on the server as any respectable game does.

2 - give the option of players who have exactly the same and repeated nicknames to change their character names, I think this is the minimum respect that the company needs to have with its own product and with its community.

The ability to name all characters the same on the server, on the contrary, is very correct. Players already have an individual account. But the player reporting system is not enough. To be able to throw a report on a player who impersonates another and is engaged in griefing. Or a clan that builds a wall along the starting location.

There was no way not to think of this:


Define exactly what this means and you’ll see the problem :wink:

imagine that you have a character in conan that you put the codemage name, I will and I can create one with the same name on the same server as you, and the chat people will not know which of the two are talking, was it clear now? ? / Another thing, if I want I can screw people up, and they’ll think it’s you, among other possible shixxxt
in a game like Conan, I hope I was clearer

my friend is not correct to have two players with the same name, the registration system cannot help because it will only show the guy’s nick and how will it be possible to identify if there are 3 players with the same name explain it to me ???

I understand you must be a paid funcom employee to talk about such a blunder, that can only be it, wait just until you have your nickname copied and you will see the facilities you will have to get screwed in the game

understand perfectly and I have seen some of these changes but in practice and on a daily basis not everyone knows this, except that the chat is extremely confusing when more than one player with the same nick speaks at the same time, there is no way to know who is who , and as i mentioned this is the least of the problems … well i gave the hint, i sincerely play for 20 years and i have never seen a game belong to this, conan is an amazing game, but forget everything that involves players directly, clans , temporary groups, in pvp or PVE private chat, things like that would make the game 1000 times more satisfying and something that is considered simple in dozens of games.

I think you missed my point. Let me try again: define what “nicknames that already exist on the server” means, exactly.

In other words, what are the criteria a nickname must satisfy to be considered to “exist on the server”?

And because I don’t have a patience to wait until you disregard my question again to post a semi-coherent rant in response, I’ll explain what the problem with your idea is: you can create a character on a server and then log out and never go back again and that name is taken on that server forever.


I actually had this happen to me once. People on the server were confused as was I, because they would think they were talking to one of us, when they were talking to the other.

However when we found out, it became a joke.
And people would just ask us what our steam handle was.

So I know a little about OP’s frustration.
However, not everything he says is true, First almost every game with a secondary identifier like a steam ID allows for duplicate names. or if they have a second name system in place.

Because of just what @CodeMage is talking about, they don’t want to do Name wipes every few years.

Conan allows for spaces in names, and the population on a server is so low, and there are so many servers, the Odds are the only way you could have duplicate names is pure random chance. Or if two people tried to use a popular name as in both tried to be “Conan” or “Vilaria” or “Red Sonja” or even “Batman”

If you use a truly original name you shouldn’t have a problem.

A better option would be to lock out popular trademarked names.

Just out of curiosity what is the Name that caused the problem OP?

Oh and @Zeb Joel Bylos needs to see you in the breakroom when you have a minute. lol :wink:


I can appreciate the issue of someone joining a server and purposefully setting their name to be that of a popular player just to smear their name and sew confusion. However, the minute you talk in-game, your name becomes visible on the Player List and others would be able to see your account names are different.

The only thing I’m not positive of (since I don’t play PvP) is what would show up in the Event Log if there were two unclanned players with the same character name with one looting and raiding another clan’s base. I know in PvE, the limited number of PvP-ish actions that can show up (lootbag trades, demolishing a base) show the character name followed by their clan name in parenthesis. So without a clan name to distinguish them, I guess that could sew confusion since (from what I can tell) their account name is not shown.

In that scenario, I suppose it would be possible for a troll to go raiding other clan’s holdings to try and spoof the other player committing those actions. However, any solo player not experienced enough to create a clan to avoid invite spam probably has bigger things to worry about… :sweat_smile:


I think this is exactly the reason he ask for you specifically :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
Funcom employ, :joy::joy::joy::joy:that was a good one.
No offense to the poster, please, we are just having fun here, ok :+1:

Since you can change your name, even by adding a number to the end, it’s not really an issue. I understand the OP’s point. I use the name Shadow. If somebody joins my server using the name Shadow, and starts chatting, and being really rude to other players, some might assume that is me. The person could actually do this with one single comment by saying something truly offensive, like something racist, or by insulting a specific player.

I don’t think the OP means that, for instance, the name Shadow should not be allowed on any server…just mine, while I am there. If I am active there, when somebody creates a player for that server, it checks to see if that name has been used on the server for the past…say two weeks? If it has been that long, all of my stuff is gone, and so I have to rebuild. It doesn’t take long to get to level 60 if you know what you are doing, so losing your character is not that big of a deal.

They don’t even have to make you lose your character…you just lose the name. If you log back in after a long time, and somebody else now has that name, it tells you that you have to change your name.


This is an idea I could support, disallowing a name if that name is active, within a set parameter.

It might be a bit tricky to implement but I don’t know for certain.


@RustyLH @droch-aon Agreed, if it’s local to just that server and only active players are considered, then that shouldn’t be overly burdensome. Of course, if weighed on a scale alongside other features requiring a similar amount of coding, it’s such a niche issue that I couldn’t see it having a very high priority assigned.

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Yeah, I still don’t like it. Let’s say you’re playing in a clan and you go on a vacation for 3 weeks. You store all your belongings in a chest and your clanmates refresh all your buildings. Two weeks after you stopped being active, someone comes to the server and creates a character with your name. Now, when you come back, you have to change your name.

Let’s face it, this game simply isn’t implemented in a way that supports this feature reliably. It’s not like it can’t all be solved eventually, but if you really want to solve it properly, it will turn into a lot more work than a feature like that deserves.


And that’s the crux of it really. Dev hours aren’t limitless and there are still plenty of higher priority issues the community that has been clamoring to have addressed.


It could be tied to your buildings. If they decayed, then it is obvious you have abandoned the server. Your stuff is gone. You have to start over. Starting with a new name shouldn’t be that burdensome.

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