Allow Character Name Changes

A few times now I’ve had friends who forget to input a character name or want to change from one character to another after some time but not to re-do leveling up. I understand that changing names could be abused in pvp settings, but it seems to me that including a log of name (and clan name, for that matter) changes for some amount of time could resolve those issues.


I agree, I need to change name too, but set a limit to 1 change every 3 months for example to avoid abuse.


Surprised it’s not an Orb of Nergal option. Can get a little frustrating when you race change and you’re stuck with a name that doesn’t suit it

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This is why we cannot have nice things. . .


Yes but it has good sides too!
I must have accepted decades purges until I seen a named purge armorer to finally fix the reddemed set! Now because of PvP we can have it with any named armorer! Same goes with the purge blacksmith recipe to transform iron reinforcements to steel reinforcements…
A lot that I don’t like have been done for PvP reasons, but a lot I like much pvp is the reason!
PvP is not “the bad guy” balance is!

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Remove PvP and make a new Conan game exclusively for PvP only.


Gamertags / User ID as a toggled display under character names or as an option to display instead by players could help. It would allow other players to still identify your character regardless of how many times you rename them.

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The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
PVP is probably the least played side of CE, in my opinion, yet dominates the direction of the game in terms of nerfs and changes.
I do not know if this is because of all of the salt from PVP players or just the fact that FC went the wrong direction with this game in the beginning, and never seems to be able to admit a mistake and correct it.

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Because of squeaky wheel. There were plenty of bad stuff out there so most of it, I don’t fault PvP crowd for complaining…however it’s the drastic pendulum swinging of FC that is more at issue here. At the root, you are blaming people that voiced their issues with the game and not the company that didn’t think things through fully and drastically switched it up.

Mechanics are there to be used for all the aspects of the game!
It seems “silly” to a PvP server to spend 30 hours on decorating a base, like it seems silly to spend 30 hours of gaming to summon a God!
In pve fixing a trebuchet, summon a God, fix explosives in huge amounts, etc, etc, etc…
You will do all the above for taking a journey step or farm some star metal ores, but their real use, if you won’t play dedicated PvP, will remain as cool mechanics and not vital that it is for PvP.
They did nothing wrong, it all comes down to balance and you know this as much as I do!

I can accept that they created a beast and they still try to control it! This I will accept.

The player base of this game is equally creative as the devs are and always find a way to make their life difficult. This is not my words or thoughts, it’s a post I happen to read from a dev years ago in here with more political words but the meaning was this.

I love you my friend, I respect you and whenever I find the chance I name it, but you do understand that this pve-pvp war talk is leading to absolute nowhere since the game is builded equally for all the aspects!

Of curse trying to balance the one you ruin the other and that’s the tricky part of this “beast” game called Conan Exiles!

Closing I cannot give you facts right now for player base of PvP or pve, to this you are the expert in your console! But if you see a players base full in one aspect and not in the other that means just one thing, that they failed to balance the other (empty servers) aspect!

But I can assure you that the greatest population of private servers that has a good amount of player base is the PvP aspect not the pve. Another thing I can assure you is that the game has at least double amount of PvP private servers than official and the population is always good!

That’s in my console, for your console you have the tools to see with exact numbers.

We have no disagreement, just a conversation with mutual respect!
Your friend Stelios :blush:!

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in the cosmetic bank it should be possible to change the gender of the character, male or female.

Perhaps I should have clarified that I was referring to Officials. Its rare to have a private server person complain on these forums since they have so much more control and moderation.

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Unless something radical happened in the few months I’ve been away.
Or consoles do things vastly different than PC?

Changing names shouldn’t matter at all, regardless of playstyle, changing ACCOUNTS is the bane of PVP. The game keeps track of players by the account name, not the character name.

So PVP, PVE, PVE-C none of that matters, as a former private server owner that ran Mod’s that alowed character name changes, we still knew who was who.

Last server I played on I changed my character name, and when the Admin @b3l14l logged in he didn’t say “Who’s the new guy?” He just asked about the new name.

Sorry @JJDancer love ya, but pvp has nothing to do with this issue.

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That means you are back :grinning:?

They could make it so the old name stays under the new name (under the clan name if one) for 30 days (changeable in server settings on private servers) especially (exclusively ?) on pvp servers after the name is changed.

I imagine its a style choice more than anything. The orb of nergal is kind of sorcerous and so thematically its your character changing their appearance thru dubious means, but your character is still the same “person”. That’s how I interpret it anyway.

Why? I don’t see the reason why it’s silly. Truth be told, its silly to build a base in general in PVP. You don’t need a base to play PVP game but yet we all do it because it’s more fun that way. Same applies to the decorations. Its a statement of respect and commitment to your own playstyle and your artistic aspects of your base. Sure it serves no purpose in the overall success of your game but without it, the base feels shallow and lack of depth. What’s the point of protecting and defending something that you don’t respect enough to add the pleasantries of fluff?

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You got it all wrong! I am in a difficult stage of the challenge right now and I cannot explain my self! If I forget it tag me again please, thank you :hugs:

The laggs are killing meeee

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My dear friend, I live in this game with the rule that master @Kapoteeni wrote and I read 3 years ago in this forum…
Survive, build, decorate! Even in my challenges, my nomad tents will have a couple of candles, I really love the nights of this game and I enjoy them. Especially in the last one that I cannot build anything, when I stop at nights I place 2 candles next to my sleeping toon :rofl:.
Back to the topic, now, when I was playing PvP, I started decorating a bit the base, my clam mates were laughing, but the builder didn’t. So he started fixing bases and decorate them too before me :wink:. Slowly, everyone wanted a decorated room, with bars, trophies, etc…
Wanted or not in PvP everything can be done, but for the plurality of the players, like you said, even a square base is too much effort!

I follow this mentality 100%. I didn’t care if someone will bring it to the ground, of let it decay because I don’t want to play in this server anymore, as long as I lived (play) in there it should had my mark!
Closing, my thing in this game is the kitchen, I let them do whatever that wish to the other rooms, but the kitchen was MINE :angry:, :rofl::rofl::rofl:!

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