Potion Reset Characters Names

I’m sure I’m not the only one who chooses a name in the beginning only wanting to change it later in the game especially for Role players.


This would be cool. Great idea!

Would be abusable in PvP.

Unless we have a layer that tells us which ones we’ve already met. Similarly to how our senses work to recognise facial structure and behaviour patterns, but in this case, coz we can’t rely on the aforementioned variables, instead this layer would merely tell us the bottom line instantly based on unique serial number. We could implement this layer of a feature thorough items of some sorts, like a scope for determining the situation from a distance and some forced emote action whenever we get close enough. Feature would remember the latest treatment we got from each character and forms the response based on those active variables.


Reply didn’t work.

Their gamer tag wouldn’t change, but I would like to change the name of my character.

And, no offense intended, I am sick of hearing how this and that would be abused by PvP. We had a PvP clan, and we left the server because it was filled with babies.

If that’s a problem, don’t let the PvP server have access to the recipe. PvE has weapons and recipes that are just total crap in those servers, and serve no PvE purpose because they were developed for PvP. How about we get something that is useful to us for a change? Not everything has to revolve around PvP.


That’s exactly why it could never be abused in PVP.

It could be cool for rp serv & ease rerol a character
About what bother in pvp, we can already change the clan name anytime & nobody over use it, mostly because fame is a thing among griefer & hardcore player (principal reason why people glitch/cheat/exploit)

Wholeheartedly support this

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